Eugene Weekly : Coverstory : 10.25.07



Come in, dear readers, come closer. Snuggle right up to these pages, which wouldn’t be possible without you — or at least without the opinionated among you who took the time to fill out our ballot. And so rather than babble at you for a good while about the never-ending carnival of ups and downs and zigs and zags that is life in Eugene, we’ll let you take the reins right quick. You voted, we counted; let the show begin!

Tightrope Walkers and Trapeze Artists

Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll

Eat Freaks

The Incredible Shrinking Wallet

Sights, Sounds, Scribbles

Everything Else Under the Big Top

Trap Door

We’re So Vain

Staff Picks

Best of the Ballots


CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS MORE THAN DUE: Cover photo shoot coordinated by Mark Frisbee with the occasional bit of harried assistance from Molly Templeton. Photos by Todd Cooper (except where noted and the butt crack shot). Many thanks to Nobody’s Baby/Time Warp Costume Rental; University Theater, UO Department of Theater Arts; and Pat Avery and the South Eugene High School Theater Department for lending us what we needed to make this happen — and to Joy “Fortune Teller” Knudtson, Keith and Mark “Conjoined Twins” Martin, Jen “Unfortunately Unpictured Mermaid” Anonia, Ringmaster Ted “Papa” Lee and Jamie “Strongman” Floyd for their time, patience and willingness to dress up in funny costumes.