Eugene Weekly : Coverstory : 3.26.2009


Green Home & Garden Special Issue

Welcome to our first Nesting: Green Home & Garden issue. We took the “green” part literally this year and combined our spring planting guide with many articles on gardening. Blame it on spring fever! We even ignored our own guide and recently went a little crazy with peas, sqaush, carrot and radish seeds. Hey, if it comes up, we’re happy to share. Green means gardening, but green can also mean environmentally friendly paint for inside or outside when the rain goes away. Save some of that other other green by planting herbs even if you have a small apartment space and raising chickens to save on store (or even farmers’ market) eggs. And feather (or scale!) your eco-friendly nest with bird and butterfly-friendly plants and trees. Go to for more tips and links to water stewardship training, greening your remodeling projects and keeping the house shiny and healthy with environmentally friendly cleaners. We welcome your tips and ideas in the comments section. Happy spring! — Suzi Steffen

Seasonal Salads
What to plant for tasty greens year-round

Conserving Water, Anticipating Surprises
A profile of Deborah Brady

Small Space, Big Tastes
Ten herbs you can grow in your apartment

Not a Yolk
Backyard chickens produce

Eco-Paint the Town
Environmentally friendly options

On the Wing
Plants that attract birds and butterflies

2009 Spring Planting Guide





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