Eugene Weekly : Coverstory : 7.30.2009

Eugene Weeklys Pets 2009

Thinking About Getting a Pet? Adopt.

No Dogs Allowed It’s not easy to rent with pets

How Now, Pet Cow? Miniature cattle aren’t just for eating 

Saving Sick Pets Local groups raise funds for pet medical bills 

From El Diablo to El Ángelito? Did the Dog Whisperer tame the wild Chihuahua?

Ask the Dogcatcher LCAS’s Kylie B. answers all your dog and cat questions

Too Much of a Good Thing What do shelters do with pregnant strays?

Something Not to Sneeze At Is there really such a thing as a hypoallergenic pet?



Thinking About Getting a Pet?

Kirk Barnes of The Cat’s Pajamas Rescue & Adoptions with kitties looking for homes

Puppies, puppies, puppies! Who doesn’t love warm, squirmy, fuzzy puppies with sweet puppy breath and little puppy toes that smell like popcorn? And did we mention their ears smell like roses? Ah, puppies …

And if you’re not into puppies, no problem: There are thousands of kitties that would love to be yours, stalking your toes and pouncing on them when you least expect it, then curling up like a fluffy comma on your lap for a nap.

Lane County is a great place to be a pet if you have a loving owner. From comfy kennels and doggie daycares to fun shopping and even pet washes, opportunities abound to pamper your pet. 

Trouble is, thousands of animals are born each year in Lane County needing homes, and rescues and shelters are overflowing. If you’re thinking about adding an animal to your family, please adopt one of the many homeless pets in Lane County. 

Go to Animal Welfare Lane County for an extensive list of rescues in the Northwest from purebred shelties to pit bulls like our cover pups: or go to and type in your zip code for a list of pets from cats and dogs to reptiles and horses at local rescues. You can also just mosey on over to Greenhill or Lane County Animal Services and meet a potential pet in person.

If you’re not ready for a pet of your own but still want to help out, you can volunteer, foster a pet or go to one of many upcoming fundraisers. Save the Pets’ Hot Dogs and Cool Pups is Saturday, Aug. 1, at Alton Baker Park from 11 am to 9 pm featuring a “Battle for the Pets” band competition. On Sunday, Aug. 16, Bare Bones Dog Wash is hosting Tales and Ales from noon ’til 6 pm at 3365 E. Amazon, with 50 percent of the money from each dog wash going to help Pro-Bone-O pay for the veterinary costs of the pets of people who are homeless. Camilla Mortensen




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