Eugene Weekly : Coverstory : 8.23.07


ATTRACTIVE COUPLE LOOKING for a third party to enjoy life with. Laid back activities including gallery-openings, foreign cinema and cooking lessons. Gender not relevant, but must be spayed or neutered. Meet us at Greenhill?

AVA DARLING You are the prettiest girl to ever whine through Luv-A-Bull! Sorry about the whole humping thing, I can’t control myself when I see you! Love, Max.

BLACK FRANCIS I never knew how much Black Cats RULED until you came along! Adopt a plain ol’ black-colored shelter kitty, you’ll see what I mean. Spread the love!!

COQUETTE CUTIE You: witty, open-minded and playful. Me: Coquettish, non-conformist who likes to dissect stuffed toys and ingest the squeaky part. Interested? Meet me at Greenhill Humane Society.

DOG CATCHER KYLIE You are pretty in your scout outfit! When you catch me again, can I ride in the front with you? Naughty Dog.

FRIENDS New to the area! Looking for a companion to have enlightening conversations about literature, art and indie music. Appearance not important, but messy eaters are a plus. Contact me at Greenhill’s kennels.

GREENHILL HUNK Looking for a peppy, strapping partner interested in a LTR. Enjoys hiking, water sports and barking at flies on the wall. Ready to grab life by the horns? Come to Greenhill and buy me a biscuit.

HIGGINS To the dog who changed my mind about Pit Bulls: We love and miss you, and hope you are swell!

I MISS YOU To my beautiful pooch mop: Sept. 1991-August 2007. We had 17 people years of love and fun. No one to share green beanies with now. I miss you so. Your people mom.

JACK & WYATT Tell your mom to date my mom so you can be my brothers! I’m clearly not getting the respect I deserve around here…your pal Daisy.

JOY AND HER PUPPIES We luv and miss you all! Thanks for being a part of our family! Asher and Elizabeth

LITTLE DOG PARENTS Cathy & Rodney, you are the best little dog parents a lucky boy could have. Thanks for taking good care of me and finding my new home.

LOVE SPONGE Seeking pats, hugs, smooches, constant adoration from any and all persons and pets. Meet mornings at Amazon, evenings at Morse. Look for small, cuddly female border collie…..xxoo Raven

LUCY I’M HOME We’re Lucy & Ricky, red female Pit Bull & male miniature pincher mix. We are on an Incredible Journey for our Forever home. Luv-a-Bull Pit Bull Rescue.

LUV-A-BULL LIESL Thank you for saving the world one put bull at a time! You are a HERO for saving death row dogs, including us! We luv you! Blossom, Griffyn, Ava, Uma, Zeeta, Iris, Joy, Rocket, Irwin, Buddha, and all the crew.

MARVELOUS MARTINA Red n Ready sending a shout out to all my Pittie Peeps! I love my Friends at Luv-A-Bull Pit Bull Rescue! Big licks to Kelly, Elizabeth, Kylie, Liesl and Grover!

MARVELOUS MARTINA You so pretty! I think I LUV you! Sorry for pooping in your yard, yo! Max.

MAX & ZEETA & DAISY Want to say hello to all our friends who visit us while we’re working at the Pie! Also, a big THANK YOU to the staff at Animal Health Associates for treating us like family from the very first visit. What a treat to enjoy a trip to the vet.

PRETTY PITTIE POSSE Who knew volunteering would be so much fun! Hooray for positively promoting pit bulls and representing for this misunderstood breed! Can’t wait to see you in the Celebration Parade.

PUG LOVE I’m Frank, tan and black, fertile and antsy. I’m ready to settle down with a bitch. I have papers, so call and we’ll set a date. Pugs only, no poodles.

(S) RAGE! You’ve gone away but yur love remains in the ones you’ve touched. We love you so much. If feels like a dream, so hard to conceive….I feel yur bark.

WYATT “You tell ’em I’m comon’ and hell is comin’ with me.” No one’s got a licker like mine! I luv the Pretty Pittie Posse!!



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