Eugene Weekly : Coverstory : 8.23.07


Cutest: Nikki

Ugliest: Frida

OK, you submitted to us. You risked it all to put your little darlings up for a vote (mostly dogs — don’t you cat people think you have cute animals? What about you iguana owners? Ugliest, hands down!).And we voted. The winner of “Ugliest Pet” is Frida, who barely beat the competition even with her teeny tiny body and her big, wrinkled head. Frida, a pug, put the smack down on dogs like Lupe, a chihuahua/miniature pincsher mix, and Gus, her own brother.

On the other hand, we’re sorry to report that some damn animal had to win “Cutest Pet.” So apoogies to Nikki, a chihuahua whose complete and total adorableness beat out Rhoda, a pit bull/Rhodeisan ridgeback/boxer mix. We all luv ya, Nikki! Oddly enough, Nikki’s actually got the same heritage as Ugliest Pet near-winner Lupe. This proves that the photographer is just as important as the pet! Congrats to both of our winners.











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