Eugene Weekly : Coverstory : 8.23.07

Adopt a rescued bird

Many times when people hear the word “adopt” only a few living creatures come to mind: children, dogs and cats. But have you ever considered adopting a parrot?


In 1994, Exotic Bird Rescue was founded after the discovery of a local parrot neglect situation. The only organization that could help at the time was a local bird club, The Emerald Exotic Bird Society, which decided to care for the injured and neglected birds in the Eugene community. However, bird lovers felt there needed to be another group to step in during feathery crises. In August of 2000, Exotic Bird Rescue received its official nonprofit status and has since been operating with the goal of finding permanent homes for abused and neglected exotic birds.

The EBR does not operate a facility; members care for the birds in their personal homes because they believe it is in the best interest of the birds to be treated like members of the family. EBR says the foster home care program is important because many of the birds it receives were companions in other households. The volunteers work from their own homes and pay for all of their expenses when caring for the beaked orphans.

EBR encourages people to volunteer as a foster home before adopting so that they can be sure that a particular bird is right for the household. Foster homes receive priority to adopt a bird after they have completed the foster home care program. But don’t expect to just sign up and get a talking parrot to play with. To become eligible to be a foster parent, you must complete a basic care and behavior class, fill out an application and agree to a home inspection conducted by foster home coordinators. Once you have been approved, you are given food and cage supplies and have to attend monthly training sessions.

EBR also offers a variety of other educational opportunities to maximize your foster home experience. Lastly, you have to live within a 45 minute radius of the Eugene/Springfield area.

If you are interested in learning more about Exotic Bird Rescue, please visit


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