Eugene Weekly : Culture : 11.23.11

Arts Shorts:
Will Occupy for Art

Love in the Time of Plague
Trial By Fire gives wing to Angels in America

Trading Doo-Wops for Bah Humbugs
ACE’s A Christmas Carol turns Dickens’ classic into a merry musical

Eugene Weekly’s 2011 Gift Guide:

Gone To The Dogs
Get your pup a collar and a bed

Homegrown Holiday Albums
Halie Loren, Anna Gilbert release classic Yuletide albums 

Pa-Rum-Pa-Pum Pum
Great holiday gifts for musicians of all skill levels

Artimals for All Seasons
Local painter Noelle Dass discovers the joy of doodling 

The 2012 End of the World Zombie Apocalypse Survivors’ Starter Kit

Look, Ma, No Hands
BeerHoodie pouches your brew for you

Haute Scrambled Aprons and Tea Set for Two

Liquid Christmas, in style
Glasswork gifts by Obsidian Manufacturing