Eugene Weekly : Culture : 11.24.10

One Enchanted Evening
Or matinée, at Cottage Theatre’s Beauty and the Beast

Visual Art:
Sawing through Obstacles and Pushing Art

The Voyeur Gallery brings new life to Eugene’s art world


Eugene Weekly’s Gift Guide 2010:

Reduce, Reconnect,  Rejoice!
More ideas than just “coupon good for one massage” 

Organic on Your Skin
Soaps made with love and garden herbs 

Caffeine Up
Get through the holidays with the rituals of tea and coffee

Birds of a Feather
Art and fashion in Poppy & Moe

Between Children and Young Adults
Gifts for tweens straddle the line

Wood from the Heart
Bad economy leads to lovely toys

Life, Death and Water
Soothing fountains arise from crises

Drool-Worthy and Local
Start a new, natural tradition

Kiss the Cook
Better yet, get the cook one of these great holiday gifts

Genius Gift:
Make your own Fizzy Water





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