Eugene Weekly : Culture : 12.17.09

Procrastinators Gift Guide:
The Soundtracks of Our Lives

Procrastinators Gift Guide:
Stocking Stuffers

Oregon CDs for gifting (and getting)

Procrastinators Gift Guide:
Goldmines at the Groceries

Unexpected places to find perfect gifts

Procrastinators Gift Guide:
Home Cookin

New Pacific Northwest cookbooks

Arcs of Evil and Justice

Segregation, shoplifting and the university of evil in young adult books

Visual Art:
Question, Memory

Andries Fourie deals with South African identity at the DIVA

Visual Art:
Handcrafted For Reals

New art zine stays happy

Ask The Dogcatcher:
Kylie Belachaikovsky answers your critter questions

Perennial Veggies

Surprising plants that winter over






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