Eugene Weekly : Culture : 6.3.10

Arts Notes:
More Storefront Art Plz, Leaving Town, Returning to Great Theater, Casual Arts Meet-ups? Come on Down!

Remembering Measure 9
UO prof Henry Alley’s new novel talks Shakespeare, coming out and organizing

War Comes Home 
All My Sons
at the Very Little Theatre

Oregon Rising
World wine lovers are finding us


Summer Guide 2010:

Cool Off With Your Brain Off V
If cinematic sequels don’t get spiffy subtitles, then neither do we

Summer To-Do List:
Take A Berry Break

No Money? Have Fun Anyway!
And oh, those summer nights

Ride ’Em, Cowgirl!

Polo, Pints and Poplollies

You’re Going to Read What?

Goonies R Still Good Enough

Summer Events Calendar