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Eugene Celebration 2011:

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Reject Roundup Eugene Celebration’s “other” art show

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Reject Roundup
Eugene Celebration’s “other” art show

“Wozniak’s Conundrum” by Steve La Riccia
“Mad Max II” by Matt Dye/ Blunt Graffix

Responding to the policy requiring jury approval to participate in the Mayor’s Art Show, the annual Salon de Refusés art show was born in 1991. The title translates to “the salon of the refused,” and this annual exhibit at The New Zone Artists Collective has displayed the work of artists whose pieces have been rejected for the mayor’s competition. All types of art have been accepted — the only requirement was rejection.

Recently the rebellious show took a new twist. Salon de Refusés is now the Salon de Peuple (“salon of the people”), and its Aug. 25 opening will feature work by any artist wishing to participate. Artists who didn’t enter the Mayor’s Art Show — and even those who entered and were accepted — are welcome.

One particular change to the Mayor’s Art Show entrance policy — as of last year, artists are asked to submit a digital image instead of the work itself — was a big factor in the show’s transformation. “Since (the judging panels) weren’t going to have a physical rejection of work right there, it was going to be difficult to contact those artists,” says New Zone art coordinator Steve La Riccia. “It would have been a small show.” It was this that led to the 2010 decision to change Refusés to a no-rejection-required show.

Salon de Peuple features work in all media, and artists may submit up to three pieces. Those entering must attend the Aug. 20 intake with works in hand, per the previous policy of the Mayor’s Art Show. La Riccia expects the intake to be “a total mixed bag of just everything.” His own piece, a steampunk sculpture titled “Wozniak’s Conundrum,” will be among those featured in the exhibit. It is currently on display at the Mac Store at Valley River Center.

Submissions for Salon du Peuple will be accepted Saturday, Aug. 20, from noon to 6 pm; entry fee is $10, with a 35 percent commission if art is purchased; opening reception is 6:30 pm, Aug. 25, at The New Zone Artists Collective; refreshments provided, with music by Eagle Park Slim; exhibit runs through Oct. 7. — Brit McGinnis






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