Eugene Weekly : Fashion : 8.20.2009

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Fashion for Freethinkers Comfort, practicality and individuality for fall

On the Street

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Re-DIY Super Stitching to revamp your closet


On the Street
Words and photos by Katie Kalk

Sarah Tibbot, 25, cook/kitchen manager

Spotted: Dog walking 

Where she shops: All over, boutiques and thrift stores.

Describes her style as: “Bohemian with a touch of sophistication.” 


Benji Lewis, 24, nonprofit consultant

Spotted: Downtown Corvallis

Where he shops: Concerts.

Describes his style as: “I grew up in the ska-punk scene, so most of my T-shirts are bands and stuff. I’m a big fan of comfy. When it’s robe season, I wear a robe because it’s comfy and versatile and cheaper than a parka.”


Brad Stepanek, 52, student

Spotted: Downtown Corvallis

Where he shops: Online, Bi-Mart, specialty shops. 

Describes his style as: “I get up in the morning and whatever’s on top of the pile, I put on.” Today it’s a “mesh suit, point armor, leather motorcycle pants and a lovely back guard.”


Chris Garner, 23, student

Spotted: Dog walking

Where he shops: Goodwill and thrift stores. The hat: “My father gave it to me, his father gave it to him.” 

Describes his style as: “Midnight Cowboy.” 


Rudy Wehrmann, 68, semi-retired industrial salesman

Spotted: On his front lawn

Where he shops: Thrift stores. 

Describes his style as: “I was born in Germany, so I normally dress in lederhosen. Today I’m wearing shorts, but most people know me for my lederhosen.”