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Fashion for Freethinkers Comfort, practicality and individuality for fall

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Fashion for Freethinkers
Comfort, practicality and individuality for fall
by Sheena Lahren

Sweet Skins
Sweet Skins
Duo Donne
Duo Donne

Lately, you may have noticed a hodgepodge of fashion styles in Eugene — the guy with horns and a black cape on Breeze Route 12; the girl on the UO campus with the bulky Louis Vuitton Purse and William Rast jeans; the couple wearing hemp yoga pants and organic cotton sweaters hiking Spencer’s Butte; the group of guys in tight jeans, vests and fedoras talking to the girls in vintage floral dresses outside the WOW Hall about how Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is so “deck.”

“Eugene is a great center of fashion because there are a lot of freethinkers,” Sweet Skins designer Mira Fannin says, explaining why there are many different fashion styles accepted and adopted in Eugene.

With so many different fashion markets in Eugene, from the music-influenced indie scene to the eco-conscious scene, it’s not only hard to define Eugene fashion; it’s also hard to say what is going to be in style for any particular season. However, according to five local stores that cater to different styles, most Eugene fashions this fall have three things in common: comfort without looking “frumpy,” practicality and individuality. 

These descriptions may seem vague — so vague, in fact, that the onesie pajamas that your grandma knitted for you last Christmas might seem to fit in as fashionable — but here are some specific tips from your local stores to help you out. 


Duo Donne

450 Coburg Road, Suite 200. 345-4411.

Co-owner Clarice Hayward-Lee says:

Comfort: “Comfortable fabrics that are really tailored are in, such as soft sweaters in purple or grey.”

Practicality: “High, flat boots are hot, but heels will no longer be in for the fall.” 

Individuality: “This upcoming season it’s about greys and purples but also scarves that add pieces of color … or classic, purple bags.”


Sweet Skins

782 Blair Blvd. 543-7195.

Designer Mira Fanning says:

Comfort: “Things like the classic eco- fleece wrap, which will be made longer for the fall, are still in … things that are easy to grab, warm and cozy, but still fashion forward and ‘urban.’”

Practicality: All of Sweet Skin’s clothing is made of organic cotton. “Eco fiber makes sense and our designs are wearable for the world.”

Individuality: “For fall we have a biker capri that is a twist on the classic legging idea. People have been rocking the legging forever, but this legging is different and adds style … also layering can’t be overlooked.”


248 E. 5th Ave. #10. 485-4300.

Store manager Martha Harvell says:

Comfort: “Skinny jeans combined with comfortable, un-dyed alpaca sweaters are in. A lot of vendors are also doing organic cotton, which is very soft.”

Practicality: Want wool sweaters without the expense of dry cleaning? “We have great washable wools by Eileen Fisher that are hot and that will be fashionable for years down the road.”

Individuality: “Heather and charcoal greys are in, accented by curry mustard scarves or burgundy sweaters. Combinations of different fabric textures are also in, such as silk with wool.” Also, Harvell says if you aren’t into the greys that are hot this season, try some of Diane von Furstenberg’s beautiful floral print clothing.


Redoux Parlour

780 Blair Blvd. 342-1942.

Owner Laura Lee Laroux says:

Comfort: “Striped socks are comfortable and warm. They will be in fashion this fall, and we have them here in the store.”

Practicality: “A lot of Eugene fashion has to do with practicality, such as wearing skinny jeans or tucking your jeans into your boots for riding a bike.” 

Individuality: “Because Eugene has a kind of performance-type atmosphere and the music scene really influences types of clothes, things like menswear vests, fedoras and blazers will be in this fall. Also, corsets and lacing.” 



Kitsch, 1016 Willamette St., 342-8647

Deluxe, 1331 Willamette St., 686-0205

Co-owner Mitra Chester says:

Comfort: Chester didn’t exactly mention comfort, but you could say the various tees and sweaters that have been broken in by former wearers are quite comfortable.

Practicality: Let’s be practical; guys pay attention to fashion too. “Fashion trends tend to always leave guys out … but for guys, plaid, black and white and blazers are in.”

Individuality: “Ruffles around the neck and various parts of the body will be in. Also, the continued use of lace, and there might also be a resurgence of a goth look and more couture stuff.”