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Super Stitching to revamp your closet
by Natalie Miller

Do your favorite pants no longer fit? Do you have a skirt that needs hemming? Or a blouse that’s a button short? You’re in luck! It’s almost time to dig your clothes in need of a little work or just a bit of revamping out of the closet and take them down to The Redoux Parlor’s Super Stitches party. 

The creative staff of The Redoux Parlor (previously Infinity Mercantile) throw the Super Stitches party to help the community work on alterations, repairs and redesigns, all at no cost. Redoux owner Laura Lee Laroux says that the event’s objective is to give people who may not have the time, materials or knowledge of sewing an opportunity to collaborate with local designers and help people express themselves through their clothing. 

“Everyone has that pile of clothes in their closet that might not fit right, but they see potential in and can’t get rid of,” Laroux says. “Since it’s sometimes hard to find the motivation, having a day to be inspired to work on clothes makes it possible to make them wearable again.”

Three of The Redoux Parlor’s designers will be at the event: Harlequin Okikai, who’s known for her work with bright, neon fabrics and fur; Claudia Chaogurl, who specializes in corsets, costume pieces and tailoring; and Gwyn Marlow, who works mostly with leather, lace cuffs and corsets. Laroux will also be available to help. Her signature piece is bloomers, though she also works on menswear. 

At previous Super Stitches parties, the designers have worked on projects varying from wedding dresses needing embellishments to converting 1980s print muumuus into skirts and tops to transforming a wool coat into a vest. No project seems too wild or extravagant for The Redoux Parlor, as each designer has a signature style and varying specializations. However, if yours does become an extended project, the designers might ask you to set up an appointment to come back, for a fee. Laroux encourages people to bring limited projects, as time is sparse. To ensure your project is worked on, stop by the store the day of the event and sign up for a timeslot.

The Super Stitches party is just one of many things happening at The Redoux Parlor. On Aug. 22, the shop will be open to attendees of the Burning Man Festival who want to work on their costumes. The store will host a DJ and live music, and supply a bin of clothes that can be used to create or alter costumes. The Redoux Parlor also offers resale clothes, and the store buys used clothing Thursday through Saturday.

Super Stitches Party, noon to 7 pm Saturday, Aug. 29, The Redoux Parlor, 780 Blair Blvd. 342-1942.




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