Eugene Weekly : Fashion : 8.21.08

Fashion on the Street
A random sampling of Eugene style 
Photos and text by Chuck Adams

Sarah Ciampa, artist, 29 

Spotted: Schmoozing at the reception for her work at the Fenario Gallery (6 pm).

Where she got her outfit: Thrift stores and free boxes. 

Decribes her outfit as: “Decent, elegant and funky. With a pirate accent.” 


Aria Mikkola-Sears, student, 19

Spotted: Exiting the Kiva with a juice box (2 pm).

Where she got her outfit: “[The dress was bought] on sale at a store in Paris, France. My shirt is my mom’s from the ‘70s. The bag is actually from Old Navy, which is a little embarrassing. But all these patches are from where I’ve traveled.”

Fashion sense: “What would be really pleasant, happy and whimsical.”

Where she shops in Eugene: “Deluxe, thrift stores.”


Jerry Jay, unemployed/homeless, 52

Spotted: Corner of 11th and Olive (2 pm).

Where he got his outfit: Free boxes. 

Fashion sense: “A lot of things get stolen. Like my pack just got stolen today. So I try to keep it light. In the evening it still gets cool so I got this coat. Plus I’ve got blankets.”


Robin Ewing, student, 16

Spotted: Squirrel Nut Zippers show at the WOW Hall (9 pm).

Where he got his outfit: “Value Village, mostly.”

Where he usually shops: “It changes every day.”

Does he usually dress so dashingly? “I try to.”


Michael Murdoch, employed at Fiddler’s Green Golf Course, 26

Spotted: Smoking outside Davis’ (midnight)

Where he sourced his outfit: “Jacket in London; shirt at old Goodwill across from Newman’s; got the belt buckle at an antique store in Grants Pass; the belt I stole from a friend; these pants I made myself [cut-offs from Value Village]; these shoes I got in France.”

Does he wear clothing he bought in foreign countries a lot? “Yes, I do.”

Where he shops in Eugene: “Value Village.”



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Fashion on the Street A random sampling of Eugene style