Eugene Weekly : Feature : 3.10.11

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Where To Find Used Home & Garden Materials

Spring Planting Guide 2011


Where To Find Used Home & Garden Materials

Habitat for Humanity ReStore (home improvement/building materials)

1210 Oak Patch Road, Eugene; 344-4809


BRING Recyclings Planet Improvement Center (home improvement/building materials)

4446 Franklin Blvd., Eugene; 746-3023


NextStep Recyling (home electronics)

2101 W. 10th Ave., Eugene;û686-236

1483 Mohawk Boulevard, Springfield; 744-6901


St. Vincent de Paul (retail thrift stores)

201 Division Ave., Eugene; 762-7837

555 High St., Eugene; 344-2115

100 E. 11th, Eugene; 868-0200

705 S Seneca, Eugene; 345-8036

2345 W. Broadway, Eugene; 284-5024

4555 Main St., Springfield; 747-5811

199 Q St., Springfield; 746-7784

2315 Hwy 101, Florence; 997-8460


Goodwill (retail thrift stores)

1010 Green Acres Road, Eugene; 343-4332

855 Seneca Road, Eugene; 984-8812

1015 River Road, Eugene; 984-3020

435 E. Broadway, Eugene; 344-1029

102 30th St., Springfield ; 741-7177

1205 Hwy. 99, Cottage Grove; 942-1571

1665 Hwy. 101, Florence; 997-2911

757 Ivy St., Junction City; 998-6521


Drive down Main Street in downtown Springfield to peruse the array of thrift stores in the area.


Check out and the classified sections of Eugene Weekly and your daily paper for garage sales and used household items that just need a little (nontoxic) love and care.