Eugene Weekly : Feature : 5.5.11

Call of the Wild
Getting back to the natural

Rain, hail, snow, HDTV, there are many things that keep us from getting back into the beautiful outdoors where we belong. If youve been hibernating for the last couple months or simply never taken time to explore the Oregon around you, now is the time. Its just about warm enough.

Maybe you should try something new and addictive, like getting hooked on bass fishing. Perhaps some of your outdoors skills have gotten rusty, and you need to get back on the horse ‹ literally. It may be time to strip down and get natural with it at your local hot springs, or fire up your neglected BBQ grill in great Northwest tradition.û

This is Oregon: We live here because it is beautiful and because we are surrounded by big trees, big rivers, lakes and mountains. From nature we have come, and to it we should return. In this EW Outdoors Issue, we urge you to take it outside and face the feral ‹ nature calls. ‹ Dante ZuÀiga-West û

Get Hookedû
Backwoods bass fishing in Oregon

Horses for Dummies
Saddle up and ride in Lane County

Getting Hot
Thawing out in Lane County springs

Come Hell or High Water
The vigorous ritual of the Northwest barbecueû