Eugene Weekly : Feature : 6.2.11

Summer Guide 2011

Lets be honest, summer isnt really here yet.û Over the last couple weeks we have been drenched, chilled and stormed upon. Patches of blue sky have teased. Torrential downpour has soaked. Gloomy clouds have painted the sky and hail has blasted us on not-so-leisurely sidewalk strolls. Its been rugged, Eugene. But so what? Pretty soon that will all be worth it. Summer is coming ‹ trust us. The following pages will detail tons of fun concerts, festies, bike rides, camping spots, restaurants, boat docks, float routes and drop zones that you can get at when the weather gets here. Dont get faked by the funk, those sizzling summer days are almost upon us, so get ready to rush the stages, work the pedals, hit the river, drop a chute or pitch a tent, the healthy rewards of all that rain are on the way! We promise.


Take it to the River
Inner tubes, cold water and hot daysû

How does starting off your summer freefalling from 10,000 feet sound?

Five ways to not get bike-jacked this summer

Cool off with your brain off VI:
Son of Sequelitis

Enter the Realmû
Live your legend this summer at Faerieworldsû

South Eugene Farmers Marketû

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