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South Eugene Farmers Marketû

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South Eugene Farmers Marketû

I love summer time and, after all, who doesnt? If for nothing else, you gotta love it for the fruit: Strawberries, blueberries, pears, cherries (and all the rest). Yes, its truly one of the best times to get your healthy snack on. Speaking of which, if youre looking for delicious produce this summer, theres a hidden gem to be discovered at the Southtowne Shoppes courtyard in Southeast Eugene. Located on the corner of 28th and Oak streets, the South Eugene Farmers Market boasts a cozy assortment of vendors from all over Lane Countys local farmland.

The main attraction is Sweetwater Farms produce stand, which acts as a centerpiece for the weekly event. The stand itself has produce ranging from organically grown vegetables to perfectly ripe fruit, and the people are always friendly. The entire market is set back from the main road and remains fairly quiet throughout the day, but this shouldnt be taken as a sign of inferiority ‹ its simply indicative of the fact that the most frequent customers come from the neighborhood surrounding the Southtowne Shoppes complex.

The location has other benefits, too: Its slap-bang in the center of just about everything worth visiting in the area ‹ Barrys Espresso and Bakery, Longs Meat Market, Mulligans Pub (okay, so that ones a matter of opinion, especially before noon) and Sushi Domo are all a stones throw away from the market. And if that doesnt tickle your fancy, theres always the produce stands to keep you occupied for as long as you please. Oh, and free samples ‹ dont miss the free samples.

Its not often that a well-kept-by-accident secret such as this gets unearthed, so get out there and scope it while you can. The market starts early, and winds down a bit by the early afternoon, so its probably for the best if youre an early riser on this one. After all, the best stock is to be had at the beginning of the day.

The South Eugene Farmers Market starts Sunday, June 12, and runs through September. Hours are 9 am-2 pm. More information at ‹ Andy Valentine













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