Eugene Weekly : Feature : 7.21.11

Eugene Weekly‘s Bike Issue:

Bike Plan Wobbles Along
Cycling advocates say draft needs pumping up

More Bike Parking
The draft Eugene Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan has proposed increased bike parking requirements.

Kickin It Down the Road
The alternative to alternative transport

Spoketactular Bikes


Spoketactular Bikes
Photography by Trask Bedortha

All around the world people decorate their modes of transportation, whether its an elaborate customized bus in Rawalpindi or a Cadillac with cow horns in Texas. Eugene is a center for bicycle culture and art, and add our penchant for imaginative recycling and its natural that we go a little nutty with our favorite two- and three-wheeled creations.û

As our annual bike issue approached we sent out the word that we were looking for unusual bicycles and their owners and builders to photograph. Here are some of the pedal-powered machines that showed up, and we know there are many more out there.û


Lauren Satterlee and the Party Cruiser
Shylo Hammond and the Spartan Spooner
Little John and the GD v 2.666
Stoney Dave and the Skull bike
Luke Butch and the Clevelandnator
Wayde Love and Starbright