Eugene Weekly : Feature : 8.18.11

A Fair to Remember

For a Good Time, Call Tommy Tutone dials up the Lane County Fair

Plug Into EW’s New Community Stage Local musicians rock the fair

Recyclers at the Fair

Snout and Snout The thrill of pig races

Black Sheep of the Family Natural colored fleece at the fair


Recyclers at the Fair

Experts on recycling and other pursuits of sustainable living will be on hand at the Lane County Fair at a booth on the Midway next to EWEB’s water and cooling station. 

Representatives of several programs including Master Recyclers, Compost Specialists, Climate Masters at Home and Master Gardeners will offer advice and literature. The recently updated Repair2Reuse Guide will be available, listing more than 80 local businesses that “help keep the things we already have in working order,” according to organizers. 

Information will be available on BRING Recycling, Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts (MECCA), and NextStep Recycling; and despite cutbacks in local funding, the OSU Extension Service still has resources online at and trained volunteers in the community.