Eugene Weekly : Galleries : 2.5.09

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


Aperture Gallery Winners and finalists in 2009 Outdoor Program photography contest, through Feb. 15. EMU, UO.

BRING Recycling “Counterpoint,” work by Matthew Gerlick & Joseph Garrison, through March 27. An opening is 2pm Saturday. 4446 Franklin Blvd.

David Minor Theater Watercolors by Demetra Kalams, through Feb. 28. An opening is 5:30pm Friday. 180 E. 5th.

Fairbanks Gallery “The Big World,” exhibit curated by Julie Green, through Feb. 13. Fairbanks Hall, OSU.

Giustina Gallery “Sustaining the Spirit of Oregon’s Bounty: Our Fish Story” exhibit, through March 10. An opening is 6:30pm Friday. LaSells Stewart Center, OSU.

Jeremy Covert Gallery Assemblage & soft sculpture by Terry Weiss; “Paintings of Your American Culture” by Jeremy Covert, through March 3. An opening is 5:30pm Friday. 269 W. 8th.

M.E.C.C.A. “Eye Candy and other Explorations,” work by Gayla Snow, through Feb. 2. And opening is 5pm Friday. 43 W. Broadway.

New Odyssey Juice Bar Mixed media by Stefani Newman on display through Feb. 28.
An opening is 5:30pm Friday. 1004 Willamette..

New Zone Gallery “The Shape and Texture of People,” work by JoEllen Gregori Waldvogel, through Feb. 28. An opening is 5:30pm Friday. 164 W. Broadway.

Opus6ix Work by Anne Teigen, through Feb. 28. A reception is 5:30pm Friday. 22 W. 7th.

Tsunami Books Paintings by Ken Rothman, through March 7. An opening is 5pm Saturday. 2585 Willamette.



Ethiopian Woman and other work by JoEllen Gregori Waldvogel hangs at New Zone Gallery through Feb. 28

Backstreet Gallery Watercolors by Regina Giandomenico, through Feb. 28. 327 Laurel St., Florence.

Beanery on 5th Mixed media and paintings by Susan Klein, through Feb. 28. A reception is 4pm Friday, Feb. 13. 327 Laurel St., Florence.

Benton County Historical Museum “150 Years of Oregon Art,” art from the museum’s collection, through Feb. 28. 1101 Main St., Philomath.

B Square Wine Bar Paintings by Richard Quigley, through May 31. 2794 Shadow View Dr.

Café Soriah Work by Sophie Navarro and Perry Joseph, through Feb. 28. A reception is 5:30pm Friday. 384 W. 13th.

Diablo’s Downtown Lounge Work by Mikapica, through Feb. 28. A reception is 7pm Friday. 959 Pearl St. 

DIVA “Deflated Memories,” soft sculpture by Kira Burge; “Arc of a Life: An Exhibit of Himalayan Photographs and Textiles,” photography by Bruce Keplinger; “Not Always Linear,” work by Wendy Hill; “String Things at the Multi-Plex,” work by April and Wendy Hill; “Drawings in Installation Form,” work by Becky Lubas; “Up Close and Far Away,” works by Barbara Benner, through Feb. 28. 110 W. Broadway.

Eugene Public Library “Nonviolence: The Path to Peace, A Celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.,” group show of student work, through Feb. 28. 100 W. 10th Ave.

Fenario Gallery “An Equation of Meaning,” work by Malia Schultheis, through Feb. 28. 881 Willamette St.

Florence Events Center “A Kaleidoscope of Color,” watercolors by Pam Parker; digital printworks by Sylvia Pishioneri, through Feb. 25. Florence Events Center. 

Island Park Art Gallery “Emerging Artists,” through March 26. Willamalane Adult Activity Center, 215 West C St., Spfd.

Jacobs Gallery “Consuming Vision,” work by Mavelle Monsalve-Featherstone, James Nason and John Holdway, through Feb. 14. Hult Center.

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art “Lasting Legacies: The First 75 Years” exhibit from the collection, through April 12. “NewArt Northwest” student art show, through Feb. 22. “Iconicity,” ongoing installation. 1430 Johnson Ln., UO. $5, $3 stu. & sr., FREE UO stu., faculty, staff.

Karin Clarke Gallery Oil paintings and kiln-glass pieces by Christopher Perry, through Feb. 14. 760 Willamette St. 

Knight Law Center Galleries “Birds for Books,” illustrations of birds by Larry McQueen, through July 31. Knight Law Center, UO.

LaVerne Krause Gallery Fiber arts students, Feb. 2-6; work by B. Cheyney, A. Tolentino, A. Bergman, A. Alexander, M. Ku, Feb. 9-13; work by M. Sullivan, H. Putnam, M. King, C. Hutton, Feb. 16-20; work by S. Sinton, C. Harger, J. Berkbuegler-Porenba, C. Stairs, Feb. 23-27; installation environments, March 2-6; MFA show, March 9-13. 1190 Franklin Blvd, UO. 

Lane Community College Art Gallery “Some Aspects of Soundscape,” work by Ian McNicol, through Feb. 19. An artist’s talk & reception is 3pm Thursday, Feb. 12. Bldg 11, LCC.

Lane County Courthouse “Autumn,” paintings & prints by Karen Sosa, through Feb. 27. 125 E. 8th.

Maude Kerns Art Center “Entwined: Baskets & Fiber,” work by D. Crispin, D. Curtis, P. Donohue, L. McCornack, M. Mace, K.K. Snyder, S. Tasker and B. Grunwald, through Feb. 6. 1910 E. 15th. $3 sug. don.

Many Nations Longhouse “Shared Communites, Mixed Identities,” portraits & mini-biographies of Lane County residents, through Feb. 28. 1630 Columbia St.

Museum of Natural & Cultural History “Tracking Oregon’s Boundaries: Maps from 1802 to 1861,” through Feb. 28. “Seeing Time: Geologic Clues to Our Ancient Earth” exhibit, through June 14. “Rock, Water, Fire, Earth, and Sky: Photographs of the Oregon West by David N. Jones,” through March 1. 1680 E. 15th. $3, $2 youths, sr.

Museum of Unfine Art Work by Sara Larson, Paul Rey, Mr. Random and Lelulaserlight, through Feb. 14. 537 Willamette.

Springfield Museum “Uprising,” figurative & portrait work by Jerry Ross, through Feb. 21. 590 Main St., Spfd.

UO Law School “From One Place to Another,” photography by Terri Warpinski, through June 30. 1515 Agate St. 

WOW Hall “Blanket Paintings” by Biz Henry, through Feb. 28. WOW Hall, 291 W. 8th.