Eugene Weekly : Galleries : 3.29.07

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


Chuck Griffin’s landscape photography is on exhibit at The Wandering Goat through April 26

Barnes and Noble “Pacific Northwest Landscape & Nature,” photography by Mike VanDeWalker, through April 30. 9am-10pm daily. 1163 Valley River Center.

Better Yet Work by Esther Bain, through April 25. An opening is 6pm Friday. Noon-6:30pm M-Sa. 782 Blair Blvd.

Gallery 245 “I’m Ready for My Close Up,” photography by Jerry Jump, through May 27. An opening is 6pm Friday. 10am-5pm M-F. 245 Blair Blvd.

Infinity Mercantile “Dress to Kill,” fabric-ated art by Laura Lee Laroux, through April 25. An opening is 6pm Friday. 10am-7pm daily. 782 Blair Blvd.

Karin Clarke Gallery “Painting on the 48th Parallel,” work by Erik Sandgren, through April 28. 10am-5:30pm Tu-Sa. 760 Willamette St. 684-7963.

Opus6ix Original cell drawings by Jan Eliot, through April 29. A reception is 5:30 Friday, April 6. 10am-6pm Tu-Th & Sa; 10am-8pm F; 11am-4pm Su. 22 West 7th Ave.

Springfield Museum “Flame On!” work by the Eugene Glass School, through April 28. An opening is 5pm Thursday, March 29. 10am-5pm Tu-F; noon-4pm Sa. 590 Main St., Spfd. $2.

The Wandering Goat Nature photography by Chuck Griffin, through April 26. An opening is 6pm Friday. 7am-11pm M-F, 9am-11pm Sa, 9am-9pm Su. 268 Madison.



Applegate Art Gallery Work by Sheila Hill, through March 31. 24989 Hwy. 126, West Lane Center, Veneta. 11am-4pm Tu-Sa.

Bagel Sphere Paintings by Brooks Hickerson, through April 30. 7am-6pm M-F, 8am-5pm Sa, 9am-4pm Su. 810 Willamette.

Beanery Photography by Tony Lee; Paintings by Jim Derby, through March 31. 6am-11pm M-Sa; 7am-11pm Su. 152 W. 5th St.

City View Deli Paintings by Jim Derby, through April 15. 8am-3pm M-Sa, 8am-4pm Su. 45 E. 8th Ave.

David Joyce Gallery “Time & Place,” work by Satoko Motouji, through April 13. 8am-5pm M-F. Building 19, Lane Coummunity College. 463-3500.

DIVA “Dreamworks,” mixed media by Donna Fountain, Kathy Haydon, Hilary Russell & Pat Arrera; “Sticks & Stones,” basketry & gourd work by Twining Rivers Basket Society; “East of Eden,” photography by Rich Bergeman; “Sketches of Women,” work by Howard Houseknecht, through April 28. Work by member artist JulieAnn Mills-Testi, through March 31. Noon-5pm Tu-Sa. 110 W. Broadway Ave.

Emerald Art Center “Outlaws, Renegades, Men of Valor,” oil paintings by Don Prechtel; Work by member artists Katie Stocks, B.J. Ellen & Mel Vincent, through March 31. “Twirling Colors,” work by Springfield youth, through April 10. 11am-4pm Tu-Sa. 500 Main Street, Spfd. 726-8595.

Espresso PRN Gallery Photography by Gary Plouff & paintings by Renee Manford, through April 17. Third Floor, Sacred Heart Medical Center, 1255 Hilyard.

Fenario Gallery Watercolor paintings by Horst Wolf, through March 31. Noon-6pm Tu-Sa. 881 Willamette St.

Florence Events Center Gallery “Rent-A-Rod” art show; “Colors of the Coast,” photography by Laren Woolley, through March 31. 9am-5pm M-F. 715 Quince St., Florence.

Health Information Library, PeaceHealth Medical Group Annex Mixed media by Sandra McCourry, through April 30. 9am-4:30pm M-Th; 9am-1pm F. 1202 Willamette.

Hinman Vineyards Work by Richard Quigley, ongoing. Noon-5pm daily. 27012 Briggs Hill Rd. 345-1945.

Horsehead Bar “No Apologies,” work by Preston Schmidt, through March 31. 11:30am-2:30am daily. 99 W. Broadway St.

Imagine Jewelry by Robin Mix, through March 31. 10am-7pm M-Sa; 10am-6pm Su. 296 E. 5th.

Jacobs Gallery “Cultural Landscapes,” work by Ken O’Connell & Robert D. Adams, through April 21. Noon-4pm Tu-F; 11am-3pm Sa. Hult Center. 684-5635.

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art “From the Fire: Contemporary Korean Ceramics” exhibit; “Thing,” photography by Jungjin Lee; “Clay Forms: Modern Northwest Ceramics” exhibit, through April 22. “Praise Old Believers,” photography by Priscilla Carrasco, through April 15. 11am-5pm Th-Su; 11am-8pm W. 346-3129. $5, $3 stu.

Karin Clarke Gallery Annex Watercolors by Nelson Sandgren, through March 31. 10am-5:30pm Tu-Sa. 749 Willamette. 684-7963.

Kellenberger Library Collection of 1st edition journals from Captain Cook’s explorations of the Oregon Coast, ongoing. 8am-9:30pm M-Th; 8am-5pm F. Northwest Christian College. 684-7237.

Lane County Historical Museum Smithsonian Institution’s “What Style Is It? A Survey of American Architecture,” through Nov. 1. 10am-4pm Tu-Sa. 740 W. 13th Ave. $2.

LBCC—North Santiam Hall Gallery “Spring Primer: Sights & Sounds,” a collaboration by Diane Trevett, Bets Cole, Pat San Souci, Mark Allison, Kiko Denzer & the LBCC English Dept., through April 17. 8am-5pm M-F. LBCC Main Campus, Albany.

LBCC—South Santiam Hall Gallery “Light Box IV” exhibition, through April 6. 8am-5pm M-F. LBCC Main Campus, Albany.

Moreland Gallery “Art, the 4th R” exhibit, through April 7. 10am-4:30pm Tu-Sa. Benton County Historical Museum, 1101 Main St., Philomath.

Morning Glory Café Work by Cameron Parker, through March 31. 7:30am-3:30pm daily. 450 Willamette St.

Museum of Modern Malabon Art Student artwork, grades K-5, ongoing. 8:15am-2:15pm M-F. Malabon Elementary School, 1380 Taney St.

Museum of Natural and Cultural History “Oregon, from the Pacific Crest Trail,” photography by Edward J. Pabor, through June 24. “Light and Color,” exhibit, through April 29. 11am-5pm Tu-Su. 1680 E. 15th Ave. $3, $2 youths, sr.

Museum of Unfine Art & Record Store Work by Cheryl L. Campbell, Emery Blackwell, Deb Jacobs, Catherine Erwin, through March 31. 10:37am-7:06pm M-F; 1pm-7pm Sa; 2pm-3:30pm Su. 537 Willamette St.

New Zone Art Collective “To Catch a Likeness—My Hunt for Portraits of the Neighborhood,” paintings by Judith Mason Macomber, through March 31. 164 W. Broadway.

Park Street Café “Where Do You Go, What Do You Want?” photography by Lawrence Siskind, through April 30. 8am-3pm M-F, 9am-3:30pm Sa. 776 W. Park St.

Silver Lining Boutique & Gallery Protest art exhibition, through March 31. 9am-5pm daily. 22nd & Hwy. 101, Florence.

Tamarack Wellness Center “Light on Asia,” paintings by Patricia Wong Hall & Dhira Lawrence, through April 30. 9am-5:30pm M-F; 9:30am-noon Sa. 3575 Donald St.

White Lotus Gallery “Bijin-ga: Women in 19th Century Japanese Woodblock Prints,” through April 21. 10am-5:30pm Tu-Sa. 767 Willamette St.

WineStyles Work by Margaret Leutizinger, Kim Strong, Dorothy Dunn, Mavelle Monsalve-Featherstone, Suma Elan, Gayle Del Grosso, through March 31. 10am-8pm M-Sa. 2846 Willamette St.

WOW Hall Works by J. Hurt, through March 31. noon-6pm M-F. 291 W. 8th Ave.



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