Eugene Weekly : Galleries : 3.5.09

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


David Minor Theater “Ladies’ Night,” photography by Paula Goodbar, through March 31. An opening is 5:30pm Friday. 180 E. 5th.

Diablo’s Downtown Lounge Paintings & drawings by Davina Snyder, through March 31. An opening is 7pm Friday. 959 Pearl St. 

DIVA “JOBS” by sculptor James O’Keefe; “pinkontinuum” installation by Brian Knowles; “Hand Painted Films,” UO video art 2009; “Journeys: Illustrations of within and without,” photography by Ankush Vimawala; “Nature,” paintings by Karen Sosa; Colored Pencil Society of America Colored Pencil Show, through March 31. An opening is 5:30pm Friday. 110 W. Broadway.

Emerald Art Center “Fire and Ice,” work by Melissa Nolledo; work by Bess Nobel and Cindy Bailey Asay, through March 28. A reception is 5:30pm Friday, March 13. 500 Main St., Spfd.

Fenario Gallery “Zen Schisms: Void and Suffusion,” work by Mark Flores, through March 28. An opening is 5:30pm Friday. 881 Willamette St.

Florence Events Center “Memories of New Zealand,” work by J. Cardon, through March 30. Rent-a-Rod Art Show, through April 30. Florence Events Center, 715 Quince St.

Imagine Art glass pendants by Eli Mazet, through March 31. An opening is 5:30pm Friday. 35 E. 8th Ave.

La Follette Gallery “New Prints of Old Treasures,” works by Jani Hoberg, through March 31. An opening is 5:30pm Friday. 931 Oak.

Majestic Theater Work by Howard Bruner, through March 31. An opening is 5pm Friday. Corvallis.

New Zone Gallery “Recycled thoughts and visions from a broken mind,” work by Tony Brown, through March 31. An opening is 5:30pm Friday. 164 W. Broadway.

Opus6ix “Artists in Cars,” work by Barry Geller; “City Walls,” work by Anne Teigen, through March 31. An opening is 5:30pm Friday. 22 W. 7th.

Palace Bakery “The Other Side of the Mountain,” soft pastels by Kate McGee, through March 29.

Studio West “Nostalgic Anxieties,” paintings by S.J. Hart and sculpture by Sarah Ohman-Ybarra Lopez, through April 30. An opening is 5pm Friday. 245 West 8th Ave.

WOW Hall “Hammered Metal Pieces” by Michael Perkins, through March 31. An opening is 5pm Friday. WOW Hall, 291 W. 8th.



Fiesta and other work by Cindy Bailey Asay shows at Emerald Art Center through March 28

Adell McMillan Gallery UO Craft Center’s annual staff art show, through March 11. EMU, UO.

Backstreet Gallery Paintings by Pattie Brooks Anderson, through March 31. 327 Laurel St., Florence.

BRING Recycling “Counterpoint,” work by Matthew Gerlick & Joseph Garrison, through March 27. 4446 Franklin Blvd.

Dr. Don Dexter Gallery “Nature’s Best,” photography by Shirley Collins, through March 27. 2233 Willamette St., Bldg B.

Giustina Gallery “Sustaining the Spirit of Oregon’s Bounty: Our Fish Story” exhibit, through March 10. LaSells Stewart Center, OSU.

Island Park Art Gallery “Emerging Artists,” through March 26. Willamalane Adult Activity Center, 215 West C St., Spfd.

Jacobs Gallery “Living Dualities,” works by Annie Frantzeskos, Wesley Hurd, Laura J. Jennings, through March 28. Hult Center. 

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art “George Tice: Paterson,” photography by George Tice, through April 5. “Lasting Legacies: The First 75 Years” exhibit from the collection, through April 12. “Iconicity,” ongoing installation. 1430 Johnson Ln., UO. $5, $3 stu. & sr., FREE UO stu., faculty, staff.

Karin Clarke Gallery “Maude I. Kerns: International Artist, Local Legend,” paintings, prints and drawings, through March 28. 760 Willamette. 

Knight Law Center Galleries “Birds for Books,” illustrations of birds by Larry McQueen, through July 31. Knight Law Center, UO.

LaVerne Krause Gallery MFA show, March 9 through 13. 1190 Franklin Blvd, UO.

Lane Community College Art Gallery “Firewalls” by Candace Nicol, through March 12. Bld. 11 4000 E. 30th Ave.

Maude Kerns Art Center “Juxtaposed: Sculpture & Installation,” and “Multiples x 3,” a site-specific installation, feat. Jud Turner and Mike E. Walsh, through March 20. 1910 E. 15th. 

Museum of Natural & Cultural History “Seeing Time: Geologic Clues to Our Ancient Earth” exhibit, through June 14. 1680 E. 15th. $3, $2 youths, sr.

Museum of Unfine Art Work by Tony Brown, Scott Johnson, Bonnie O’Clair, Cassie Smyth and Brian Bushon, through March 14. An opening is 5:30pm Friday. 537 Willamette. 

Nib Dessert & Wine Bar Black and white photography by Serendipity Rose, through March 27. 769 Monroe Street

Pilgrim’s Way Bookstore Paintings by Joanna Jaquette and icons by Serbian iconographer Borislav Brodanovich, through March 26. 304 Blair Blvd.

Springfield Museum “Springfield in Focus,” antique cameras and historic photos, through March 27. 590 Main St., Spfd.

Tamarack Wellness Center Work by Rebecca LaMothe, through April 30. 3575 Donald St.

Tsunami Books Paintings by Ken Rothman, through March 7. 2585 Willamette.

UO Law School “From One Place to Another,” photography by Terri Warpinski, through June 30. 1515 Agate St. 

Wandering Goat Work by Dain Kaldahl, through March 27. 268 Madison.