Eugene Weekly : Galleries : 4.9.09

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


Café Soriah Gallery “Oaxaca in Color,” a collection of paintings by Jean Foss, through May 31.  384 West 13th.  

Choppers “Bodyscapes” photography by Paula Goodbar, through April 30. 1241 Willamette.

Florence Events Center Rent-a-Rod Art Show and “The Way I Paint It!” work by Bernie Herr, through April 30.    “Road Show,” acrylic on canvas by Judith Mason-Macomber and in the display case is “Backstreet” by artist Karen Nichols. A reception is 4:30pm, May 2. Florence Events Center, 715 Quince St.

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Bin Danh: In the Eclipse of Angkor: Tuol Sleng, Choeung Eu and Khmer Temples, photos, April 11-June 28. “14 Views of Mt. Fuji” by Saito Kiyoshi, Japanese woodblock. “Lasting Legacies: The First 75 Years” exhibit from the collection, through April 12. “Iconicity,” ongoing installation. 1430 Johnson Ln., UO. $5, $3 stu. & sr., FREE UO stu., faculty, staff.

LaVerne Krause “Thinking Small in Art,” HOPES conference special group show, April 6-10. Bachelor of Fine Arts terminal project exhibition with Michael Fulton, Alex Weber, and Sean Dinno, April 13-17. Lawrence Hall, UO. 

Maude Kerns “Sarkis Antikajian: A Retrospective,” landscapes, portraits and figurative work, still lives, sculptures and abstract pieces, through May 15. A reception from 6-8 pm on Friday, April 10. 1910 E. 15th Ave.

Springfield City Hall Gallery Youth Art of Springfield Show, sponsored by the Springfield Arts Commission, through May 1. 225 5th St. Spfd.

Temple Beth Israel Yes We Can! Unlearning Discrimination in Oregon through June 3. 1175 East 29th Ave.

WOW Hall Comic Art by Kenny Ashcraft, Tennielle Cossey, Rosy England-Fisher, Michael Goosens & Tommy Harbour. A comic book release party & artists’ reception is 4 pm, April 11. WOW Hall, 291 W. 8th.




The works of Sarkis Antikajian at the Maude Kerns Art Center through May 15.

A Healing Space Watercolors by Ellen de Werd. 769 Monroe Street.

Allann Bros Beanery “Art in All Weathers” plein aire show by Pam Enberg, Seja Stevenson & Barbara Weinstein, through April 30. 5th &  Olive.

Art of Glass Cat Shelby, fused glass artist & The Sad Monk, Zen paintings, through April 20. 790 Blair Blvd.

Backstreet Gallery Assemblage and fused glass work of Paula Kunst, through April 30. After hours reception, 5pm, April 29. 327 Laurel St., Florence.

BRING Recycling “At Home in the Garden: Opening Doors to Imagination and Collaboration,” work by students from North Eugene High School and Preschool, through April 25. 4446 Franklin Blvd.

David Minor Theater and Gallery “Perspective Varieties” photos by Tom Bodhi Reeves. 180 E. 5th Ave.

Diablo’s Downtown Lounge Art by Reya Brumley, through April 30. 959 Pearl St. 

DIVA “Reflections,” digital color photographs by Michael Wherley. 110 W. Broadway.

Emerald Art Center “As I See It,” the art of Bill Kelsay, also “I Miei Nonni Italia” (“My Grandparents’ Italy”) by Ann Simas and “Inspired By Nature” by Kosjenka Filipovic, through April 25th. 500 Main St., Spfd.

Espresso PRN (Sacred Heart Medical Center) Pastel paintings by Lynn Sabol, through June 8. 1255 Hilyard Street, 3rd fl.

Espresso PRN West (PeaceHealth Medical Group) Pastel paintings by Lynn Sabol, through June 8. 1162 Willamette Street, Eugene.

Eugene Coffee Company Cheryl Campbell’s metaphysical pop, through April 30. 1840 Chambers St.

Fairbanks Gallery John Sexton: Thirty-Five Years of Photographs, through April 29. LaSells Stewart Center, Corvallis. 

Fenario Gallery “From Here to There: A Journey Towards Outward Expansion,” paintings by Marlis & “Mine Flew Away,” street art inspired works by Ashley Montague, through April 30. 881 Willamette St.

Full City Café Digital photography by Robert D. Adams, through April 26. 842 Pearl St.

Goldworks The art of Judith Nakhnikian, through May 22. 169 E. Broadway.

Imagine Paintings and prints by Noelle Dass Studio, through April 30. 35 E. 8th Ave.

Harlequin Beads & Jewelry Works by Kris Ward. A reception is 5pm, April 3. 1027 Willamette St.

Jacobs Gallery Berta and Elmer Hader, original illustrations and children’s book exhibit, through May 2, 2009. Hult Center. 

Jeremy Covert Gallery “Le Boudoir: Less Than Proper Victorian Bed Dolls,” by Brooke Oberson, through April 30. 269 W. 8th. 

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Karin Clarke Gallery Paintings and figurative works by George Johanson. 760 Willamette. 

Keystone Cafe Works by Elizabeth Cable Landry, through April 30. 395 W. 5th. 

Knight Law Center Galleries “Birds for Books,” illustrations of birds by Larry McQueen, through July 31. Knight Law Center, UO.

Lane Community College Art Gallery “High School Arts Show,” work by high school artists, through April 10. 4000 E. 30th. 

La Follette Gallery Landscape acrylic paintings by Cyndy Duerfeldt. 931 Oak.

Majestic Theater Art by the Critique Collective. A reception is Friday, April 3rd from 56:30pm. Corvallis.

MECCA Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts Ted Lewis, collage from Recycled Sources, through April 30. 43 W. Broadway.

Morning Glory Cafe “Spring Forth” and “Twitter,” nature paintings & collages by Marilyn Kent, through April 26. 450 Willamette. 

Museum of Unfine Art The art of Daniel Roque, Mike Alvina, Robin Saxton, Alif Ballangru, from April 1-April 14. 537 Willamette. 

Museum of Natural & Cultural History “Seeing Time: Geologic Clues to Our Ancient Earth” exhibit, through June 14. 1680 E. 15th. $3, $2 youths, sr.

New Zone Gallery “ZONE 4 ALL,” non-juried show. 164 W. Broadway.

Nib Dessert & Wine Bar Cut-paper artwork by Valisa Higman, through April 30. 769 Monroe Street.

Oakway Wine and Deli Watercolor and acrylic paintings by Sue Hutchinson Carey, through April 30. Call 343-3088 for times. Oakway Center.

Olivejuice WaydeDaydee of the Planet Ring-A-Bling. 543 Blair. 

Pilgrim’s Way Bookstore Mark Jaquette. Bammgraphics/Illustrationism. 304 Blair Blvd.

Springfield Museum “War Toys and Memorabilia,” through April 24. 590 Main St., Spfd.

Studio C Painting and prints by John Holdway & flamework beads by Teague Cohen. 245 Blair

Studio West “Nostalgic Anxieties,” paintings by S.J. Hart and sculpture by Sarah Ohman-Ybarra Lopez, through April 30. 245 West 8th Ave.

Tamarack Wellness Center Work by Rebecca LaMothe, through April 30. 3575 Donald St.

UO Law School “From One Place to Another,” photography by Terri Warpinski, through June 30. 1515 Agate St.

White Lotus Gallery Akiyama to Zhu: Modern Asian Art, modern Japanese and Chinese prints, through April 25. 767 Willamette.