Eugene Weekly : Galleries : 6.25.09

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


For the Love of Horses and other works by Candee Brennan at The Redoux Parlour as part of the Last Friday Artwalk, go to for map.

BRING “Assembly and Archive” Max Smoot & James O’Keefe, July 1 through Aug. 28. 4446 Franklin.

Centro LatinoAmericano Last Friday Artwalk, painter Jean Foss & jewelry designer Grace McNabb. 944 West 5th.

East Blair Housing Co-op Last Friday Artwalk, “The Occupation: Palestine in Sights & Sounds,” photos by Caitlin Robertson. 940 W. 4th.

EpicSpace Last Friday Artwalk, deconstructed toys & sculptures & pen and ink fantasy drawings by M. Scott McGahan. 245 Van Buren.

Fairbanks Gallery OSU Art Faculty Exhibit, through Oct. 7. Fairbanks Hall, OSU.

Pilgrim’s Way Bookstore Last Friday Artwalk, “Mens’ Night Art:” Anthony Pope, Dan Opincar, Jim Barker, Larry, Omar & more. 304 Blair.

Pizza Research Institute Last Friday Art Walk, photography and collage by Mo Bowen & oil painting by Issac Marquez, through end of July, 530 Blair.

The Redoux Parlor Last Friday Artwalk “For the Love of Horses,” acrylics by Candee Brennan, through July 30. 780 Blair. 

Vistra Framing and Gallery “Eye Candy” by Lynn Ihsen Peterson, July 3 through July 31. 160 E. Broadway.

The Wandering Goat Last Friday Art Walk, Deconstructive portraits of civilian war casualties & social commentary directed at wars fought for profit, Michael Fulton. 268 Madison St.



The Arts Center 3 Women, 3 Visions: Elaine Green, Marcia Hindman and Heidi Petersen, through July 2. 700 SW Madison, Corvallis.

Backstreet Gallery Ceramic and glass artist Kathy Shamey. Painting, photography, ceramic works, mosaics, multi-media, by Florence artists, on going.  After Hours last Wed. each month 5-7pm, live music. 1421 Bay Street, Florence. 

Barnes & Noble Café Photography by the Emerald Photographic Society, through June. 1163 Valley River Dr.

Benton County Historical Society Home Is Where The Art Is, decorative art from the museum’s collection, through August 22. 1101 Main, Philomath.

Choppers Oils and sketches by Nicola Noetic through July 31. 1241 Willamette.

David Joyce Gallery “Markets: Celebrating Fruits of the Earth, Abundance, Cultural flavors, Local Communities” through Sept. 21. Center for Meeting & Learning, Bldg. 19, LCC.

David Minor Theater and Gallery “International Hangups,” watercolors and photographs by Barbara Aten. 180 E. 5th.

Diablo’s Downtown Lounge Drawings by Jason Elstrott through June. 959 Pearl. 

Ditch Projects  “Alluvium,” photo-realistic miniature sculptures by Kevin Yates and photography by Melody Owen by Tracy Nakayama, Shana Moulton, Mike Pare & Timothy Marvel Hull, through July 4.190 Millrace Complex, Spfd.

DIVA “Apple Pie” acrylic paintings by Gwenn Seemel, “Eyes, Hands, Hair, Bones, and Meat” mixed media by Micah Weber, “Altered Landscapes” abstract paintings by Jacqueline Lukowski, “Maybe there will be Sound” sculptural installation by John Paul Gardner and Sam Jeibmann, “Everyday Travels” woodblock landscapes by Charles Dougherty & “Pregnant Bellies” photography by Phillip Lynch. 110 W. Broadway.

Elemental Play Clay Studio Acrylic on board and canvas, by T.J. Tollefson, through June 30. 1601 W. 2nd.

Emerald Art Center “Wings of Wonder: Birds and Dragonflies of Lane County” photographs by Ken Haley, through June 27, 2009. 500 Main, Spfd.

Eugene City Bakery Kim Rose, Justin Sherrill, Deeann Hall, Whitney Davie, Mckenzie Davie, Colin Kull, black and white photography, color photography, paintings & screen-printed shirts, through July 15.1607 E. 19th.

Eugene Coffee Company Kathleen Piper, Multi-media artist. 1840 Chambers.

Eugene Glass School Gallery A collection of art glass by Network Charter School students. Featured Italian glass masters Pino Signoretto, Lucio Bubacco & Miriam DiFiori. Selected works by artists in residence, Michael Hengler & David Popowitz, through June 30. 575 Wilson.

Fenario Gallery “The Interdimensional Art Show,” includes works by a variety of contemporary visionary and surrealist artists including Robert Venosa, Alex Grey, A. Andrew Gonzalez, Luke Brown, Chris Dyer & more. 881 Willamette.

Florence Events Center Photography Rent-A-Rod show through June. 715 Quince.

Full City Coffee Roasters Photography by Rick and Debby Barich, through July 5. Art by Rina Francisco, through June 28. 842 Pearl.

Jacobs Gallery Printmaking by Yuji Hiratsuka; ceramics by Hanno Hagen, through July 18. Hult Center.

Jeremy Covert Gallery “Contemporary Female Figurative Paintings,” by Marta King, through July 4. 269 W. 8th.

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art On the Road: Two Visions of the Tokardo, through Sept. 13. “Binh Danh: In the Eclipse of Angkor,” through June 28. 1430 Johnson Ln., UO. $5, $3 stu. & sr., FREE UO stu., faculty, staff.

Karin Clarke Gallery Oregon painters Mark Clarke, Margaret Coe, Carl Hall & Nelson Sandgren, through August 1. A reception will be Friday, July 3, 5:30pm. 760 Willamette. 

Keystone Café Photography by Maleah Matthews. 395 W 5th. 

Knight Law Center Galleries “Birds for Books,” illustrations of birds by Larry McQueen, through July 31. Knight Law Center, UO.

Knight Library “Sing the Story Oregon: A Century of the Oregon Marching Band,” a student-produced exhibit, through Aug. 31. 1505 Kincaid St. 

La Follette Gallery “Summer Blooms,” by Bets Cole through July. 931 Oak.

Lane Community College Art Gallery “Autism Artism 2009.” Bldg. 11, LCC.

Lane County Historical Museum “Changing Demographics: The People of Lane County,” through January 2010. “Toil Triumphant; Needlework and Handcraft” Eugene Park Blocks, the story of the town square. 740 West 13th Ave. $4, $3 youth, first Saturdays free.

Majestic Theater Nature and landscape paintings by Ginny Morse. 115 SW 2nd, Corvallis.

Maude Kerns Art Center “Oregon Made for Interiors,” handmade furniture, tapestries, lighting fixtures, mirrors & other artistic furnishings by 22 artists from around the state, through June 26. 1910 E. 15th.

MECCA Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts Network Charter School art students’ work of paper mâché, linoleum cut, woodcut, collograph, digital art, embossed tin, tape sculpture & graphite drawing. 43 W. Broadway.

Morning Glory Café Ink drawings and digital paintings by Lance MacCarty, through June 30. 450 Willamette.

Museum of Unfine Art “The Sun in String,” an installation by M!kL and Shawn Mediaclast. Bowling ball lamps by Tim Boyden, through June 30. 537 Willamette.

New Odyssey “Dark Warrior Art,” portraits by Daniel Donovan, through June 30. 1004 Willamette. 

New Zone Gallery Wrap the Bus Project campaign, artwork will be on display after June 15, bus will be unveiled at Eugene Celebration. Donate at the gallery. “Visions in Fiber Art,” by Mary Jane Moffat, through June 29. 164 W. Broadway.

Nib Dessert and Wine Bar Art by Aaron Sullivan, through June. 769 Monroe.

Palace Bakery Paintings by Jaqueline Lukowski, through July 5. 844 Pearl.

Paula Goodbar Gallery Photography by Paula Goodbar, “The Frida Session,” & paintings by guest artist, Nicola Noetic. 95 Lawrence.

Park St. Cafe “A Celebration of Spring,” watercolors by Demetra Kalams, through June 30th. 776 W Park St.

Savona’s Watercolors by Marsha Brennan, through July 3. 1038 Willamette.

Springfield Museum “Vitreous Zen” glass-artworks in stained, fused & lamp-worked glass. Artists include Vicki Komori, Sue Hunnel, Samuel Black, Aron Leaman, Casandra Warren, Matt Dubois & Scott Floyd, through June 26. 590 Main.

Studio West “Vulnerable Silences,” work by photographer Erin Dougherty Williams. 245 West 8th.

Tamarack Wellness Center Valisa Higman, cutout artwork, through July 31. 3575 Donald.

Territorial Vineyards Annie Frantzeskos photography, through June. Third and Adams. 2585 Willamette.

Un Solo Pueblo Faerylands, fairy and mermaid fine art by Michel Savage, through July 2. 1022 Willamette.

UO Law School “From One Place to Another,” photography by Terri Warpinski, through June 30. 1515 Agate.

White Lotus Her Xue-Sheng’s oil paintings of rural China, through June 27. 767 Willamette.

WOW Hall Photography by Anders Leagjeld, through June. 291 W. 8th.