Eugene Weekly : Gear Guide : 12.3.2009


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MOTOROKR T505 Bluetooth In-car Speakerphone with Digital FM Transmitter

Thankfully, more and more states seem to be moving towards banning talking on cell phones while driving unless you have a hands-free device. With the MOTOROKR T505, we may all be a bit safer from the cell phone chatting, SUV driving, distracted soccer mom and the multitasking, fresh from the DMV teen driver.

The MOTOROKR T505 lets you enjoy music and make and receive hands-free calls through your car stereo system. The Bluetooth technology streams music from your compatible phone or MP3 player to the MOTOROKR T505. The built-in FM transmitter allows you to make and take calls and listen to music through the car’s speaker system. 

Pairing the MOTOROKR T505 with your phone or music player is simple, and there are no wires and no installation necessary. You clip the device to your visor, and it is portable so you can take it with you from car to car.

The MOTOROKR T505 features:

Station finder that automatically searches for and announces the best FM station for streaming

Audio caller ID which announces the number for incoming calls

Car charger

Echo and noise reduction 

Visor clip for easy installion

The portability, ease of use and, above all, the chance to make the roads a safer place make the MOTOROKR T505 a great gift idea! The device retails from $60 to $140 and can be found online or at most electronics stores.

Petzl Myo RXP Headlamp

Keep your hands free with this programmable lamp that allows the user to choose from a wide variety of light levels. You can have a less powerful light to extend the battery life or dial up the lumens when you need the maximum. You can set the flashing mode or adjust the beam with the wide-angle lens. $99.95 at Backcountry Gear.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Prestige Edition

Things in first person shooter land just don’t get any better than this. Visually, COD Modern Warfare 2 is amazing! The campaign mode is a continuation of COD Modern Warfare and for the first time brings part of the battle home to American soil. There is something very disturbing yet impossible to look away from about a war-torn Washington D.C. Fighting across the White House lawn and into the West Wing to retake one of America’s most famous landmarks is a brilliant addition to the game. This is a level you will want to replay over and over simply to marvel at the graphics.

As in most of the recent COD games, the campaign mode is secondary to the intensely addictive online multiplayer mode. With new maps, weapon customization and perks, the multiplayer experience is unlike any other. Modern Warfare 2 also adds a new cooperative SpecOps mode where you can battle through multiple levels and game types with a buddy or go it alone. 

For the launch of COD Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward and Activison give you three versions of the game to choose from. Beyond the normal edition ($59.99) there are the Hardened ($79.99) and Prestige editions. The Prestige edition not only gives you, what will most definitely turn out to be the game of the year, but fully functional, wearable night vision goggles, premium steelbook case, hardbound concept art book, individually numbered and engraved Captain “Soap” MacTavish collector’s stand and the Call of Duty Classic full downloadable game. Retailing at right around $150.00, this edition might be a bit too much coinage for the casual gamer to shell out — but for the hardcore it is a collectors item too cool to pass up. 

The Prestige edition may be hard to find heading into the holiday season, but check locally at Big City Gamin’, Game Crazy and GameStop and you might just get lucky!

Northface Thunder Jacket

Ultra-lightweight down jacket keeps you warm in the coldest conditions. This jacket will easily compact, making it ideal for the backcountry. $229 at McKenzie Outfitters.

Outdoor Research Aria Down Hoody

Comfort, style and compressibility all combine in this jacket that will keep you warm in the coldest of temps — or you can pack it away into the included stuff sack when it warms up. $190 at Backcountry Gear.

Palisades Freedom Rider Skateboard, $159.99 (new)

Ya, mon! With Marley at your feet, this skateboard will take you to new heights. This is a great gift for the family skateboarder. Play It Again Sports has an awesome selection of new skateboards.

Volkl Unlimited AC Skis with Marker M10.0 CCSi Bindings 

A ski designed for advancing intermediates, these skis almost turn themselves. Take better advantage all over the mountain with this ski and binding package. $399 at Berg’s Ski Shop.

Gnu Park Pickle BTX Snowboard with Street Snowboard Bindings

Great for the powder or in the freestyle park, this board will deliver for whatever style you ride. Asymmetrical sidecuts allow for the differences in heel side and toe side turns. $488.95 for the board, $188.95 for the bindings at Berg’s Ski Shop.

Patagonia Lugano WP Boot

This sylish boot uses Polartec Fleeces and Primaloft insulation to keep you snug and warm. A fully waterproof upper (tanned to environmental standards, no less) will keep you completely dry. What more could you need this winter? $160 at McKenzie Outfitters.

Innova Disc Golf Mid-range Disc $15.99 (new)

Frisbee golf! This is an affordable gift for disc golfers, whether they are new to the sport or just need another disc for their collection. Did you know we have a widely known disc golf course right outside Eugene? Available at Play It Again Sports.

Green Bottle Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $16.99 (new)

Out with plastic reusable bottles! Steel water bottles are in. No toxic residue and they last. Most are near $20, but this brand is more affordable. A great gift for anyone, whether you work out or are just going to work. Available at Play It Again Sports.

Ektelon Racquetball Racquet, $29.99 (new)

Penn Ultra Blue Racquetballs, $3.99 (new)

Another great racquet sport that is easy to learn and an excellent cardio workout. Even with a new racquet, this sport is affordable to break into and a fun family sport. This quick moving and easy to learn game will sharpen your reflexes and give you a great reason to go the gym. Available at Play It Again Sports.

Wilson Triad Tennis Racquet, $79.99 (used)

Penn Court One Tennis Balls, $3.79 (new)

Tennis everyone! Great gift idea for beginners. It is an awesome family sport to learn and an excellent aerobic workout. But it takes practice and having your own racquet is essential. With public tennis courts throughout Eugene, you don’t need to belong to a club to learn to play. Available at Play It Again Sports.






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