Eugene Weekly : Gift Guide 2008 : 12.04.2008


Gear Guide
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Burton Mountain Logo T-Shirt  $15.95. The perfect gift for the shredders in your life.

Neff Daily Beanie  $15.95. Keep your noodle toasty, available in tons of colors.

Volcom Jamie Lynn FA Hydro Zip Hoodie $53.95. 4 process print on top of 300mg fleece will keep you warm and dry in style.

Vans Old Skool Skate Shoe  $38.95. Old Skool, need we say more?

All items above available at Tactics  375 W. 4th Ave., Eugene • 349-0087 •



1. Black Diamond Covert Backcountry Pack Sale price $87.96. Pack in in and pack it out.

2. Black Diamond Avalung Sale price $97.46. This “snorkel“ extends the time you have to breathe if you are buried in an avalanche

3. Black Diamond Guide Probe 300 Sale price $44.96. Deep snow-pack probe for avalanche search and rescue.

4. Pieps DSP Advanced Digital Transceiver Sale price $372.00. Be found when you are lost.

5. Black Diamond Transfer 3 Snow Shovel Sale price $33.71. Dig your self out, build a snow cave or make a pile for a jump, this shovel is lightweight and aluminum strong.

All items above available at Backcountry Gear 1855 W. 2nd Ave., Eugene • 485-4007 •

Gears of War 2

The most anticipated game of the year hit stores Nov. 7, selling 2.1 million copies on day one. Gears of War 2, exclusively for the XBOX 360, is all that and a bag of frag grenades. The sequel to Gears of War is packed with bigger badass weapons, new multiplayer maps, and insane new multiplayer game modes. Horde mode and Wingman are among the best of the best. You can buy Gears 2 locally at Big City Gamin’, 1288 Willamette St., 345-PLAY or at Game Crazy, 2866 Willamette St., 683-5222. $59.99


Gears of War 2 T-Shirts

These shirts are not the easiest things to find locally but on a recent trip to Valley River Center, Hot Topic had the mother load. At least four different styles in multiple colors will make excellent gifts for the insane gamer in your life. Prices were right around the $20 mark. Get ’em while they last! 


Tascam DR-1

The Tascam DR-1 is one of many small digital recording products available these days. They all offer 44.1 Khz / 24 bit recording resolution. Yamaha, Sony, M-Audio and even Olympus are making real sleek recorders for $400-500.  Top end Sony stuff goes for just under $2,000.  

This baby is so easy to work with, the internal microphones sound great and no cables hanging about is a must.  As long as your point of reference for the audio you are about to record is somewhat balanced, the quality is amazing.

It comes with a nifty little stand that sets on the mixer at live gigs quite easily.  On the down side, there is a real duration problem on the internal battery power, so buy the separate power supply and use it always.

After the gig, dumping files back into your desktop is a snap, if you want to edit the recording or master it. Multi-tracking is pretty straight forward, however added tracks do not become individual files, so therefore cannot be exported as discreet tracks. It is a great sketchpad for ideas.

At $299.00 the Tascam DR-1 ranks high in quality and ease of operation compared to many models priced much higher.

Tascam DR-1 available at

Organic Personal Lubricants – $16

These personal lubricants are touted as the cleanest, sweetest, truly natural water-based lubricants available. Products are infused with  herbs and flowers to create deep and true scents, and are made with aloe vera, xanthan gum and agar agar (seaweed) to create a “smooth and long lasting glide.” Safe for latex condoms, toys and for use throughout pregnancy, they are also 99.99 percent vegan, with no animal products or animal testing.

Love Oils – 4 oz. – $17, 2 oz. $12 – Gift Pack (1 oz of all three scents) $22

Good Clean Love Oils are made with therapeutic grade essential oil formulas that have been enjoyed by lovers for centuries. Scent is our most basic reflex when it comes to sexual attraction. These love oils “respond to every individual’s own pheromones and body chemistry so they create a completely unique and changing scent for every couple who uses them.”

Passion Candles – $15

All natural massage Passion Candles melt into a luxurious warm body massage oil made with vitamin E, Jojoba, Avocado and almond oils. The candles are also the perfect solution as an aromatic mood setter, and burn with 100 percent hemp wick and emit no soot or toxins associated with paraffin candles.

Pleasure Butters – $17

Organic coconut oil has been used for lubrication and massage for centuries. Made of smaller molecules, coconut oil leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and provides for long lasting glide for all kinds of sensuous massage.

All items above available at

You can also find Good Clean Love at locations throughout Eugene: Market of Choice, Down to Earth, Evergreen Nutrition, Red Barn Natural Grocery, Broadway Apothecary and Friendly Street Market.




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