Eugene Weekly : Movies : 10.28.10




Beetlejuice: Get sentimental for Winona Ryder’s gothy lass with Tim Burton’s totally charming 1988 flick about a particular house, a dead couple and the “bio-exorcist” who can hopefully help the dead folks get rid of a family of pesky humans. PG. 92 min. David Minor Theater.

Halloween Creature Double Feature: Get spooky with Little Shop of Horrors (1960, not Steve Martin) and Carnival of Souls, a 1962 low-budget film about a woman haunted by phantoms of death, at 7 pm (Shop) and 9 pm (Carnival) Friday, Oct. 29, at DIVA. $3.

Last Exorcism, The: A jaded priest who’s spent years performing fake exorcisms encounters a young woman whose case proves a bit more difficult. All well and good and scary — until it all collapses at the end. PG-13. 100 min. Movies 12. (9/2)

Music Within: This film, based on the true story of a man who returns from Vietnam with his hearing impaired and turns to working on behalf of Americans with disabilities, shows as part of Lane’s Integration of Vets in Education’s “Veterans Helping Veterans” film series at 2 pm Tuesday, Nov. 2, Room 216, Building 3, LCC. 

Nosferatu: Mood Area 52 plays an original score to the vampire classic. 8 pm Saturday, Oct. 30, Bijou. $10.

Petertag: Local musician and filmmaker Lucas Gunn described his independent film — which he wrote, directed, produced, filmed and edited — as “kind of a horror bizarre comedy type movie.” 10 pm Friday, Oct. 29, Bijou. Free.

Rocky Horror Picture Show: The Bijou hosts the cult classic for Halloween weekend with Eugene’s only live shadow cast. 11 pm Friday, Oct. 29, and Saturday, Oct. 30, Bijou. $10. 17+.

Saw VII 3D: Is it done yet? Didn’t I hear this is the last Saw? Wait, why do I care? R. 91 min. Cinemark. VRC Stadium 15.

Star is Born, A: William Wellman’s 1937 film, about a young woman whose dreams of Hollywood stardom are reached with the help of an alcoholic leading man, screens as part of the DIVA/LCC Behind the Lens seminar. 7 pm Tuesday, Nov. 2, DIVA. $3. 

Wintervention: “Do you have a skiing or snowboarding problem?” asks the press release for the latest Warren Miller film, which, it goes on to explain, “features acute cases of classic snow-diction from across the globe.” 8 pm Wednesday, Nov. 3, LaSells Stewart Center, OSU, Corvallis; 6 pm and 9 pm Thursday, Nov. 4, McDonald Theatre. $20.


Use the links provided below for specific show times.

Bijou Art Cinemas
Bijou Theater 686-2458 | 492 E. 13th

David Minor Theater
David Minor Theater and Pub 762-1700 | 180 E. 5th

Regal Cinemas
VRC Stadium 15 342-6536 | Valley River Center

Cinemark Theaters
Movies 12 741-1231 | Gateway Mall
Cinemark 17 741-1231 | Gateway Mall

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