Eugene Weekly : Movies : 3.1.07



The Number 23 Directed by Joel Schumacher. Written by Fernley Phillips. Cinematography, Matthew Libatique. Music, Harry Gregson-Williams. Starring Jim Carrey, Virginia Madsen, Danny Huston and Rhona Mitra. New Line Cinema, 2007. R. 95 minutes.

Walter Sparrow (Jim Carrey) has life by the tail. Literally: Walter is a dog-catcher. By night, he’s cradled by his beautiful wife Agatha (Virginia Madsen) and worshipped by a son (Logan Lerman) who actually seems to take him seriously. Walter might appear a little warped at times, a little frayed around the edges — this is Jim Carrey we’re talking about — but nothing has prepared him for the journey into madness that awaits. I’m not talking about the book that’s ruining his life. I’m talking about starring in a Joel Schumacher film. Read more…


Sweet Land Written and directed by Ali Selim. Inspired by a short story by Will Weaver. Music, Mark Orton. Starring Elizabeth Reaser, Tim Guinee, Alan Cumming, John Heard, Alex Kingston, Ned Beatty and Lois Smith. Forward Entertainment, 2006. PG. 110 minutes.

Let’s get right to it: Sweet Land is a sweet movie. It takes a certain kind of confidence to dub your film “A Love Story” in this fairly cynical day and age, but Sweet Land actually is such a thing: a quiet, gentle story about building love and trust, set in the sprawling farmlands of 1920s Minnesota. Read more…



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