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Brooklyn’s Finest: Generally, it’s safe to assume that a title like this is somewhat ironic, no? Antoine Fuqua’s latest follows three Brooklyn cops whose lives are affected by a big ol’ drug operation. With Richard Gere, Don Cheadle and Ethan Hawke. R. 108 min. Movies 12.

Cinema Pacific: UO film festival is “devoted to discovering and fostering the creativity of international films and new media from Pacific-bordering countries.” This year’s events focus on West Coast filmmakers, including Seattle’s Lynn Shelton (Humpday), and Korean filmmakers, including The Host director Bong Joon-ho, whose newest film, Mother, screens. A 72-hour filmmaking project and many more screenings and events are also part of the festival, which begins Wednesday, May 5, with “The Video Art of Nam June Paik” at 5:30 pm at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, and continues Thursday, May 6, with screenings of Barking Dogs Never Bite (6:30 pm) and House (9:30 pm) at the Bijou. Events run through May 9. UO, Bijou and other locations. See for details and full schedule.

City Island: Aspiring actor Vince (Andy Garcia) reveals his biggest secret in drama class — and secrets from the rest of his family and community follow. With Julianna Margulies, Emily Mortimer and Alan Arkin (doubtless playing the cantankerous gramps). PG13. 100 min. VRC Stadium 15.

Furry Vengeance: I look at the name of this family film, and I think of something completely other than what I assume the filmmakers intended. Anyway. Brendan Fraser stars as a developer supervising an eco-friendly development. When the local critters get wind of his involvement in destroying their habitat, they take matters into their own cute, furry hands. PG. 92 min. Cinemark. VRC Stadium 15.

Horror and the Horrific: UO film series screens The Company of Wolves at 6 pm Thursday, April 29, and Hard Candy, Ellen Page’s best movie, at 6 pm Thursday, May 6, 110 Willamette, UO. Free. For more details see

Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, The: The latest film from Terry Gilliam arrives under a dark banner; it includes Heath Ledger’s last role. The fantastical film tells the story of a traveling theater owner who made a deal with the devil a very long time ago, and another deal less long ago — one that’s about to cause some problems. PG-13. 122 min. David Minor Theater. (1/14)

Mad Hot Ballroom: The 2005 documentary about New York City fifth graders learning to ballroom dance screens at 6 pm Monday, May 3, at the Springfield Library. Free.

Nightmare on Elm Street, A: Jackie Earle Haley is the new Freddy Krueger in the rebooted (and ever so creativey named) Nightmare, in which a new generation of  kids faces a terror their parents never told them about. With Kyle Gallner (Veronica Mars), Kellan Lutz (Twilight) and Thomas Dekker (The Sarah Connor Chronicles). R. 95 min. Cinemark. VRC Stadium 15.

She’s Out of My League: Jay Baruchel is a TSA screener who’s, like, way not hot enough for the woman (Alice Eve) who starts to like him after he returns her phone. Wacky yet uncomfortable situations are sure to abound! R. 104 min. Movies 12. 

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Use the links provided below for specific show times.

Bijou Art Cinemas
Bijou Theater 686-2458 | 492 E. 13th

David Minor Theater
David Minor Theater and Pub 762-1700 | 180 E. 5th

Regal Cinemas
VRC Stadium 15 342-6536 | Valley River Center

Cinemark Theaters
Movies 12 741-1231 | Gateway Mall
Cinemark 17 741-1231 | Gateway Mall

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