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A-Team, The: This week brings both the A-Team film and a Karate Kid reboot. Imaginations, working overtime! Between The Losers and The Expendables, this is, bizarrely, the summer of betrayed fighters. The becoming-ubiquitous Bradley Cooper costars with Liam Neeson, Jessica Biel and District 9’s promising Sharlto Copley. PG-13. Cinemark. VRC Stadium 15.

Chloe: Atom Egoyan’s latest is a silly, overwrought sexual thriller starring Amanda Seyfried as the classy call girl who gets too involved when Julianne Moore asks her to test hubby Liam Neeson’s commitment. R. Movies 12. (3/25)

Clash of the Titans: Kraken or no kraken, Sam Worthington in a skirt or Liam Neeson with funny facial hair, the fact is, this movie is directed by the guy who made the moderately abysmal The Incredible Hulk. Just keep that in mind. PG13. Movies 12.

Furry Vengeance: I look at the name of this family film, and I think of something completely other than what I assume the filmmakers intended. Anyway. Brendan Fraser stars as a developer supervising an eco-friendly development. When the local critters get wind of his involvement in destroying their habitat, they take matters into their own cute, furry hands. PG. 92 min. Movies 12.

Karate Kid, The: Cranky kid Dre Parker has a hard time adjusting to life in China — an impossible crush, a gaggle of bullies — until he befriends the maintenance man (Jackie Chan), who has a not-so-secret talent. PG. Cinemark. VRC Stadium 15.

Kick-Ass: Almost as nasty, pandering and heartless as the last movie based on a Mark Millar comic (Wanted), Kick-Ass is a disappointment on many levels, from its thoughtless gay subplot to the way it sneers at comics-loving kids who dream of having more power than the world allows them. Its redeeming factors are the controversial Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) and her father, Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage channeling Adam West), whose warped relationship balances everything the movie otherwise mangles: the relationship between vengeance and cruelty; the way love makes the strangest things seem normal; the way girls can be brutal killers too — and how fucked up all that brutal killing really is. R. 117 min. Movies 12.

Last Song, The: Miley Cyrus stars as a sullen teen sent to spend the summer with her estranged, nice-guy pops (Greg Kinnear), though she’d rather stay in the big city. They find something to bond over, and everyone’s hearts grow two sizes that summer. Based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks. PG. Movies 12.

Princess Ka’iulani: This soft-focus biopic does Hawai’ian history few favors as it lazily tells the story of Princess Ka’iulani (Q’orianka Kilcher), who was sent to England at a young age, then went to the U.S. in hopes of proving to the president that her people were not barbarians. With Barry Pepper and Shaun Evans. PG. 100 min. Bijou. See review this issue.



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