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After the Wedding: Danish director Susanne Bier brings depths to her beautiful, emotional film, which tells the story of a man who discovers unexpected connections between his life and that of a Copenhagen philanthropist. R. Bijou. See review this issue.

Blades of Glory: Ricky Bobby and Napoleon Dynamite … er, Will Ferrell and Jon Heder star in the story of two disgraced figure skaters who discover a way they can compete again: by skating together. Spandex and bad hair abound. PG13. Movies 12. (4/12)

Evan Almighty: Steve Carrell takes the starring role in this sequel to Bruce Almighty. Now, God (Morgan Freeman) wants Evan (Carrell), a former newscaster turned Congressman, to build an ark. Boy, that’s gonna involve a lot of critters. PG. Cinemark. VRC Stadium 15.

Ex, The: That Zach Braff, always having lady problems. This time, he and his wife Sofia (Amanda Peet) move from NYC to small-town Ohio, where Sofia’s ex still wants her and she doesn’t want to stay home with the baby. PG13. Movies 12.

1408: This adaptation of a Steven King short story, which stars John Cusack as a man alone in a horribly haunted hotel room, is getting surprisingly good reviews; Entertainment Weekly said it’s “reassuringly old-school gothic.” With Samuel L. Jackson, directed by Mikael Hâfström. PG13. Cinemark. VRC Stadium 15.

Live Free or Die Hard: Justin Long — yes, he of the Mac ads — joins Bruce Willis for this fourth chapter in the Die Hard franchise, in which a baddie attacks the U.S.’s infrastructure over the 4th of July weekend. Opens June 27. PG13. Cinemark. VRC Stadium 15.

Lucky You: A would-be singer and a poker player (Drew Barrymore and Eric Bana) use their various talents to win each other’s hearts. PG13. Movies 12.

Mighty Heart, A: Angelina Jolie stars as Marianne Pearl, whose husband Daniel was murdered while investigating a story on Richard Reid. “Angelina Jolie gives one of the most commanding and moving performances of her career,” said Richard Roeper. R. Cinemark. VRC Stadium 15.

Muppet Movie, The: Jim Henson’s beloved puppets star in a film that chronicles their rise to fame. Screens with subtitles for the hearing impaired. Pre-show entertainment begins at 8; movie begins at sundown (approximately 9 pm) June 22, Petersen Barn. Free.

Video Slam: Monthly event invites video artists to submit short videos of up to 10 minutes for a competition that follows the format of the poetry slam. 4 pm June 24, DIVA.



Are We Done Yet?: Nick (Ice Cube) and Suzanne (Nia Long) and two kids return in this sequel to Are We There Yet?, in which Nick’s new house in the ‘burbs is more work than it’s worth. PG. Movies 12.

Bridge to Terabithia: Adaptation of the much-loved children’s book by Katherine Paterson, in which two lonely kids create a fantasyland for themselves. Despite the fantasy-film feel of the trailer, the film is said to be very loyal to the book. PG. Movies 12.

Condemned, The: An international collage of condemned killers are brought to an island by a corrupt television producer … wait, I swear I read this in Brian K. Vaughan’s recent X-Men run. All will fight, one will live, yadda yadda. R. Movies 12.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer: Reed Richards, Ben Grimm and Sue and Johnny Storm face off with the shiny guy who rides an equally shiny surfboard — and leaves destruction in his wake. PG13. Cinemark. VRC Stadium 15.

Fracture: Director Gregoy Hoblit, who brought Edward Norton to our attention in 1996’s Primal Fear, brings Ryan Gosling (Half Nelson) back to the mainstream as an assistant D.A. working to get a suspected murderer (Anthony Hopkins) convicted. R. Movies 12.

In the Land of Women: Unfortunately titled film stars The O.C.‘s Adam Brody as a recently dumped young man who moves in with his grandmother and gets involved with her neighbor’s family, which includes Meg Ryan as the mother of two daughters. PG13. Movies 12.

Knocked Up: Judd Apatow follows The 40-Year-Old Virgin with a sweet yet still raunchy comedy about the unwanted pregnancy that occurs when up-and-coming journalist Alison (Katherine Heigl of Grey’s Anatomy) has a one-night stand with slacker Ben (Seth Rogen). R. Cinemark. VRC Stadium 15. (6/7)

Mad Monkey Kung Fu: 1979 film is a genre classic that follows the story of an opera performer whose life is ruined overnight. Years later, he joins up with a young protégé to get revenge. R. Bijou LateNite.

Nancy Drew: The classic teen heroine arrives on the big screen in the form of Emma Roberts, whose perkiness isn’t enough to put the charm in this awkward film, which updates Nancy’s setting and the subject of her investigation, but not her style or demeanor. PG. Cinemark. VRC Stadium 15. See review this issue.

Next: Nicolas Cage is a gambler who can see into the future and Julianne Moore is the government agent who needs him to see what some terrorists are up to in iffy looking flick based on Philip K. Dick’s The Golden Man. PG13. Movies 12.

Ocean’s 13: The formula doesn’t change much for the third Ocean’s outing: Suave stars have a grand old time concocting heists, executing plans and looking good in suits. But the charm is wearing thin. With George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and a bunch of other folks. PG13. Cinemark. VRC Stadium 15. (6/14)

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End: Captain Jack and crew are back for the third – and what one might hope is the final — Pirates movie (which has something to do with saving Jack from the Land of the Dead and facing off with the Dutch East India Company). A warning to soda buyers: It’s two hours and 48 minutes long. PG13. Cinemark. VRC Stadium 15.

Santana: The “In-Concert” series continues with a 1976 Santana performance in London, during the Amigos tour. Also includes a 1977 Italian TV broadcast. Not rated. Bijou LateNite.

Shrek the Third: When Shrek’s father-in-law kicks the bucket, the ogre finds himself the reluctant king of Far Far Away. His only hope of getting out of the job? His wife’s slacker cousin. PG. Cinemark. VRC Stadium 15.

Spider-Man 3: Spidey (Tobey Maguire) faces an ungodly number of new villains (including those played by Thomas Haden Church and Topher Grace) as the franchise trucks through its overfull third installment. PG13. VRC Stadium 15. (5/10)

Surf’s Up: The young, talented, possibly misguided Shia LaBeouf voices Cody Maverick, a teenage penguin surfer entering his first pro competition. A documentary crew’s filming his every move, which might — sort of — explain that “based on a true story” joke in the preview. PG. Cinemark. VRC Stadium 15.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Animated film finds the formerly-of-the-’80s foursome fighting ancient monsters with the help of Casey Jones (now voiced by Chris Evans) and April O’Neil (Sarah Michelle Gellar). PG. Movies 12.

300: Super-stylized, derivative and overbaked film, based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel, about the Battle of Thermopylae, when King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) led 300 apparently half-naked Spartans against the massive army of Persia. R. Movies 12. (3/15)

Waitress: Keri Russell (Felicity) is a wonderful surprise in writer-director Adrienne Shelly’s bittersweet small-town story about love, hope, pies — and finding strength where you least expect it. Shelly’s perfectly cast last film is a beautiful balancing act of emotions. PG13. Bijou. (5/24)

Wild Hogs: What kind of dirt did the producers have on William H. Macy, John Travolta, Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence to get them to appear in this male-bonding, midlife crisis flick with a mortifying trailer? PG13. Movies 12.


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