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Blue Lagoon, The: Brooke Shields stars in what was once a controversial film about two Victorian-era young folks stranded on an island, learning to grow up together (with all that, um, entails). R. 1 pm Wednesday, Sept. 15, Willamalane Adult Center, Springfield. Free.

Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore: Rogue cat spy Kitty Galore (get it? Huh, do ya?) plans to take down the world’s dogs AND make her feline fellows her subordinates. Puppers and kittehs must unite against her! You, audiences, must unite in avoiding this film! PG. 82 min. Movies 12.

Flipped: Rob Reiner’s latest is a coming-of-age story that follows two kids from second grade, when Juli (Madeline Carroll) decides she’s in love with Bryce (Callan McAuliffe), to middle school, when maybe he starts to feel the same way. “A pleasantly nostalgic and well-intentioned family movie,” said USA Today. PG. 90 min. Cinemark.

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The: This Swedish adaptation of the bestselling (and also Swedish) novel is relatively effective as a thriller, if you can forgive it a pile of cinematic clichés. Noomi Rapace is superb as Lisbeth, the titular girl, who teams up with a disgraced journalist to solve a lingering family mystery that works in abuse, Nazism and other nastiness to disappointingly shallow ends. Looks good, though. R. 152 min. Bijou. 4 (4/22) 

Resident Evil: Afterlife: The latest in the videogame-based series finds Alice (Milla Jovovich) still trying to help survivors of the virus that turned most people into undead creatures. Rumor is L.A. is safe, but maybe not so much. (Hey, isn’t that the plot of Zombieland?) R. 90 min. Cinemark. VRC Stadium 15.

Silent Forest, A: Documentary investigates the issue and impact of genetically engineered trees. 6 pm Sunday, Sept. 12, Cozmic Pizza. Free.

Soliltary Man: Michael Douglas stars as a man whose “indiscretions” mess up his personal and professional life. “A sharp, small-scale comedy of male misbehavior that turns out to be one of this dreary spring’s pleasant cinematic surprises,” said The New York Times. R. 90 min. David Minor Theater.



Use the links provided below for specific show times.

Bijou Art Cinemas
Bijou Theater 686-2458 | 492 E. 13th

David Minor Theater
David Minor Theater and Pub 762-1700 | 180 E. 5th

Regal Cinemas
VRC Stadium 15 342-6536 | Valley River Center

Cinemark Theaters
Movies 12 741-1231 | Gateway Mall
Cinemark 17 741-1231 | Gateway Mall

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