Eugene Weekly : Music : 6.21.07

Things That Go “Beep” in the Night
The Fast Computers create Heart Geometry

The Fast Computers CD release with Tom Heinl, Blue Skies for Black Hearts. 10 pm Saturday, June 23. Luckey’s • $3-$5. 21+ show

Bands like The Fast Computers remind you why it is really important to pay attention to local music. Not only have they put the kitch back in Christmas by hosting outrageous holiday all-star shows and done their part to even out the gender gap in Eugene’s local music scene, but they also happen to be coming out with a full-length album that should make electronic music buffs and songwriting fans alike sit up and take notice. Peter Dean and Jennifer Fox, who have been playing together as The Fast Computers for three years, are joined by Brenna Sheridan (formerly of Man of the Year) who, since March, has added guitar-and-synth power to Fox’s percussion and Dean’s vocals, keys and “all things that go ‘beep.'” The result is a crisp, melodically pleasing album that swells from start to finish with an almost narrative flow while providing some lyrical, compositional and emotional highlights in between.

The Fast Computers’ sound is not as tech-dependent as you might assume. “We use a fair share of synthesizers, but it is not overly computeristic,” Dean says. “It was a name I’d had for a long time and always wanted to use for a band. I like the sound of it. Both words sound cool and they sound cool together. It’s not a real statement.” Although syncopated beats and electronic notes are part of TFC’s sound, their album title, Heart Geometry, might be a better descriptor of their music than their moniker: clean, measured, but utilized creatively for the purpose of delivering a passionate, visceral experience. Not to say that the album isn’t also tons of fun. Like their live shows, it provides some witty jabs and lots of feel-good moments.

“We just try to be interesting,” Dean says. “A lot of bands forget about the entertainment aspect. You’ve got to give the people something for their money.”

Dean and company hope Heart Geometry and their upcoming West Coast and nationwide tours will pave the way for repeat success.

“It would be great to put an album out every year or two and do a tour to support it,” he says. “I think that would be a nice little life.”

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