Eugene Weekly : Music : 6.4.09

The Little Things

It’s no surprise that the first solo album from Jason Lytle, the former frontman of Grandaddy, sounds like, well, Grandaddy. Yours Truly, The Commuter has all the earmarks of his now-defunct band — the point-counterpoint of acoustics and electronics and the rustic technology that turns an oxymoron into an easy listen. Lytle still comes off as the most lonesome cowboy with a keyboard, but his early indie-rock days as a resigned cyber-slacker seem far behind him. He’s moved to Montana and the expansive, mountainous terrain has given him a new focus and a better sense of self. On songs like the title track and “The Ghost of My Old Dog,” with their subtle harmonies and snug symphony, Lytle just sounds more confident and relaxed. Nothing says this better than the picture of his studio notes on the album’s inner sleeve: “No more weird arrangements … not on this album! Very simple, very nice … rich, big, but with enough little ‘fucked things.’” One couldn’t ask for a better description, really.
Jeremy Ohmes

Neko Case, Jason Lytle, 8 pm Sunday, June 7, McDonald Theatre. $25 adv., $28 door.


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