Eugene Weekly : Music : 9.20.07

From Seed to Sprout
Sprout City Studios celebrates 10 years with a concert series

From an uncertain beginning made up of little money and nervous business partners, Thaddeus Moore’s seed of an idea sprouted into a successful full-service recording studio.

Thaddeus Moore

As a teenager, Moore knew that music was the thing in his life which gave him the most pleasure, but he didn’t know how to go about transforming his love of sound into something that could be called a career. A friend suggested that he and Moore open a recording studio, and Moore took every sound class offered at LCC. What little money Moore had went into construction and gear for a recording studio, and his hands-on experience in the studio itself became his classroom.

Sprout City Studios came to life in a West 11th Alley warehouse which was in sad shape after years of bean sprout production. When Moore’s three business partners left for various reasons, Moore saw his idea to fruition by himself. Ten years later, Moore has recorded hundreds of bands, and he’s loved every minute of his chosen career path.

To celebrate the 10 year milestone, Moore has organized an impressive series of concerts at various venues throughout Eugene in September and October, lining up handfuls of musicians he has worked with over the years. “These shows are basically a big ‘thank you,'” says Moore. “I’m trying to say thanks to basically the whole town of Eugene, and these musicians have helped me keep it going. There’s tons more that I couldn’t fit into 10 shows.”

From the Celtic rock of Circled By Hounds to the metal of Northwest Royale, Moore’s concert series shows off the breadth and depth of the many musicians he has recorded.

Naturally, most of the featured bands are local or have a local connection, such as the exciting Black Francis show at WOW Hall on Oct. 5. Francis will be stopping by Eugene in support of his newly-released solo album Bluefinger. Black Francis (also known as Frank Black, lead singer of the Pixies) will be joined by the musicians who recorded Bluefinger — drummer Jason Carter; Black’s wife, vocalist Violet Clark; and our own Cherry Poppin’ Daddies/Visible Men bassist Dan Schmid.

This week, Thomas Mapfumo, Kudana, and Hokoyo Marimba bring Zimbabwean music to the WOW Hall on Friday. Saturday is a night of indie rock with Station Wag, The Velvet Trap, and Suzanne Benorden at Luckey’s.


(one show has already taken place)

Thomas Mapfumo & the Blacks Unlimited, Kudana, Hokoyo, 9 pm Friday, 9/21, WOW Hall. $10.

Station Wag, The Velvet Trap, Suzanne Benorden, 9 pm Saturday, 9/22, Luckey’s. 21+ show. $5.

Circled By Hounds, Floating Glass Balls, Kathryn Claire, 8 pm Saturday, 9/29, Sam Bond’s Garage. 21+ show. $5.

Black Francis, 20 Minute Loop, Ahimsa Theory, 9 pm Friday, 10/5, WOW Hall. $10 adv., $12 door.

Tyler Fortier, Mark Shields, Forgotten Works, 9 pm Saturday, 10/6, Sam Bond’s Garage. 21+ show. $5.

The Phormula, Juice to Make It Happen, The Alliance, 8 pm Friday, 10/12, Indigo District. 21+ show. $5.

Northwest Royale, Jack Inferno, After the Mourning, 10 pm Saturday, 10/13, Wetlands. 21+ show. $5.

Filthiest People Alive, The Ineffectuals, Tunnel Kings, 7 pm Saturday, 10/20, Indigo District. $5

Rye Wolves, Necryptic, Savior, 10 pm Saturday, 10/20, Wetlands. 21+ show. $5.