Eugene Weekly : News : 3.20.08

Rallying for Peace
Photos from the Peace Rally
By Ted Taylor

An estimated 500 people converged on the old Federal Building in downtown Eugene March 16 for an afternoon rally marking the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Joining the crowd was a large contingency from an earlier noon rally at the EMU Amphitheater at UO, and accompanied by the mobile percussion ensemble Samba Ja.

Emcees for the program at the Federal Building were Carmen Urbina and Johnny Lake. Speakers included Mayor Kitty Piercy, County Commissioner Pete Sorenson, ACLU field organizer Claire Styrett, Springfield High School student Savannah Martin, Middle East Peace Group member Ibrahim Hamide, Lt. Ehren Watada’s father Bob Watada, the Native Forest Council’s Josh Schlossberg, and Bus Project founder Jefferson Smith.

Music and spoken word was provided by Iana Matthews-Harris & Ishi Maderas Woods, Beth Miriam Rose, and Samba Ja.

Following the rally was a Party for Peace at Cozmic Pizza and an evening candlelight vigil honoring the Iraq war dead, held back at the Federal Building.