Eugene Weekly : Sports : 11.23.11



Champion Ciara Irvine celebrates her victory in the ring. Photo by Dante Zuñiga-West.

Eugene’s Ciara “La Tigressa” Irvine of Big Foot Gym dominantly defended the United South East Asian Cultural Association’s (USEACA) women’s muay thai championship belt against top contender Hadley Griffith of Tacoma, Wash., on Nov. 19. 

The fight was all one-way traffic in favor of Irvine, who quickly dismantled her opponent. Hadley had no answer to Irvine’s punching combinations, heavy kicks or powerful knees. 

In round one of the five-round championship bout at the Tacoma Soccer Center in Tacoma Wash., Irvine broke Hadley’s spirit, forcing the contender to concede. Hadley quit on the stool, unwilling to continue the fight after two minutes of fierce combat.

Irvine, now a true champion having unequivocally defended her title, returns with her 2010 USEACA belt to her hometown of Eugene, as well as with the freshly acquired 2011 belt. This was no surprise to Irvine. She predicted the victory exactly as it was fought, defeating her adversary with superior clinch work against the ropes. Hadley, red faced and traumatized, outclassed by Irvine’s technique, made the safe decision in refusing to answer the second round bell. 

As promised by Irvine, the USEACA belt remains in the possession of a traditional muay thai fighter. — Dante Zuñiga-West 

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