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World Cup Fever? Still Warming Up
Viewing options are limited for footy fans
by Catherine Foss

Soccer enthusiasts may have a hard time finding a local World Cup celebration. Taverns overflowing with screaming fans and pints of tasty brews will be hard to locate in Eugene at 4:30 am, when the first game airs each day. “We open at 4 [pm], so that’s too much of a stretch,” says Dawn Mamley from Jameson’s. 

Bartenders and restaurant owners met questions about World Cup festivities with questions: When is it? What time will it be on? Do I have those channels? Some bars assured us that they would be showing the games, until they realized that the first was at 4:30 in the morning — guess it’s replays and highlights, then. 

Either the sleepy inhabitants of Eugene can’t drag themselves out of bed that early, or soccer just isn’t the sport here. As Hannah Hall from Highlands Brew Pub says, “We’re kind of a football bar.” But she says that as long as it is on regular TV, Highlands will absolutely be showing the World Cup games when the bar opens at 11 am. This was the case with most bars — they would be happy to show the games if they aired on a channel the bar already had, during a time the bar was already open.

Villard Street Pub won’t be open until 10:30 am but plans to have large gatherings, including the soccer club. “We’re like the soccer headquarters,” says Felicia Duke. But the gold medal goes out to The Cooler, which is opening at 4 am for die-hard soccer fans and will be showing every game. Priscilla Clements explains that the bar can’t serve alcohol until 7 am, but it will absolutely be open.

Looking for a place to watch the games? The bars below may be your best bets. Some have specific plans to show the games; others said they will tune in at customer request.


Game 1: 4:30 am 

The Cooler Restaurant and Bar (open at 4 am)
20 Centennial Loop. 484-4355.


Game 2: 7 am

Jimmy Mac’s Overtime Grill (7 am)
770 S. Bertelsen Road. 342-5028.

Kick City (7 am)
1650 28th St., Springfield. 744-2255.

Game 3: 11:30 am

The Old Pad (8 am)
3355 E. Amazon Dr. 686-5022.

Good Times Café & Bar (9 am)
375 E. 7th Ave. 484-7181.

Rennie’s Landing (9 am)
1214 Kincaid St. 687-0600.

Taylor’s Bar & Grill (9 am)
894 E. 13th Ave. 344-6174.

Wetlands Brew Pub & Sports Bar (9 am)
922 Garfield St. 345-3606.

Conway’s Restaurant & Lounge (10 am)
5658 Main St., Springfield. 741-6897.

Taco Loco (10 am)
900 W. 7th Ave. 683-9171.

McShane’s (10:30 am)
86495 College View Rd. 747-4031.

Villard Street Pub (10:30 am)
1417 Villard St. 393-0960.

Agate Alley Bistro & Bar (11 am)
1461 E. 19th Ave. 485-8887.

Cornucopia Bar & Burgers (11 am)
205 E. 5th Ave. 485-2676

Highlands Brew Pub (11 am)
390 E. 40th Ave. 485-4304.

Jackalope Lounge (11 am)
453 Willamette St. 485-1519.

McMenamins East 19th Street Café (11 am)
1485 E. 19th Ave. 342-4025. 

Memo’s Mexican Restaurant (11 am)
737 Main St., Springfield. 747-8617.

The Mission Mexican Restaurant (11 am)
610 E. Broadway. 686-8226.

Mulligan’s Pub (11 am)
2841 Willamette St. 484-1727. 

Sixth Street Bar & Grill (11 am)
55 W. 6th Ave. 485-2961.

Turtles Bar & Grill (11 am)
2690 Willamette St. 465-9038.

Ax Billy Grill & Sports Bar (11:30 am)
999 Willamette St. 484-4011.


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