Eugene Weekly : Sports : 7.28.11


Slaughter Squeaks By

Photo: Jeff Borelo

In the rankings, it doesn’t get any closer. Emerald City Roller Girls travel team, the Skatesaphrenics, are ranked twelfth in the West. Slaughter County’s (Kitsap County, Wash.) Saints of Slaughter are thirteenth. It’s only fitting that the bout between these two July 16 at the Lane Events Center featured seven lead changes before reaching a final 135-132 Slaughter County victory.

Six of those lead changes occurred in the first half as Emerald City tested out a variety of skaters in the scoring while trying to contain 2010 Northwest MVP On ‘Da Sligh. The highlight of the first half was when Slaughter’s tiny Asonya Face, unable to get around Emerald City’s Rex Havoc, decided to go through her legs. Emerald City went to the locker room with at halftime with a 75-71 lead.

Slaughter County took the lead early in the second half and held it. Going into the final minute up by 16, Slaughter’s scorer landed in the penalty box giving Emerald City’s high scorer Surly Q the opportunity to win the game, but she was only able to pick up 13 points before time expired.

Each team picked an MVP on the opposing team. Emerald City scorer Katarina Van Rotten and Slaughter County’s 18-year-old phenom Much Mayhem earned MVP honors.

The bout was preceded by a half-hour exhibition between the B-teams from Emerald City and Lava City (Bend). Emerald City’s B-Ward won 93-34.

Emerald City’s next bout is Aug. 27 in Olympia, Wash., against the women’s national champion roller derby team, the Oly Rollers. — James Warmels