Eugene Weekly : Summer Guide : 6.4.09


Summer Guide


There’s so much to do in Oregon this summer that we’re exhausted just thinking about it. Or perhaps we’re exhausted from compiling this year’s Summer Guide calendar, a sprawling tour through festivals, fairs, concerts and more that should keep you as busy for the next few months as it kept us for the last few weeks. You’ll find the seemingly endless list of events divided roughly into Close-In (Lane County), for those who like to skip down the block to see what’s up; Far Out (the rest of western Oregon), for those who like a wee road trip for, say, a frog jumping festival or Wilco concert; and Farther Out (a selection of events in Washington and California), for those who just can’t get enough festivals and amphitheater concerts in our own state.

But enough about busy! It’s summer; we’re supposed to be the opposite of busy, right? Maybe you just want to relax. Here and there throughough these pages, you’ll find suggestions for fishing and biking, relaxing by a calming pool or letting your mind go virtually blank in an air-conditioned movie theater. Or you could do what we’ll likely be doing later: Settling in with a good book and an icy cocktail for a relaxing evening with absolutely nothing planned. Summer’s good for all kinds of things, don’t you think?


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