Eugene Weekly : Summer Guide : 6.5.08


Skipping School
A few Eugeneans offer suggestions on the best ways to spend a day playing hooky. Which we don’t encourage, of course.
by Katrina Nattress

What would you do instead of go to work on the perfect summer day?
“Biking on the many bike paths around Lane County and then ballroom dancing in the evening.” — Rosalyn See, 55, sunographer
“I love to listen to live music outside. I love the Cuthbert, but it’s not accessible enough. We need more outside concerts [in Eugene].” —Leah Riordan, 44, mom/fitness instructor
“Bicycling around Eugene, especially Alton Baker Park and the river. I know Eugene like the back of my hand by bike.” — Joe Burgess, 53, factory worker
“I would float down the river with a beer and then barbecue a bitchin’ steak!” — Zach Bondi, 23, student/sales associate
“My perfect day would be making my boyfriend skip work with me, going to the beach and eating clam chowder at Mo’s.” — Shaina Greene, 22, student/sales associate
“Go to the lake and swim and then climb trees and look at the sunset.” — Kelli Maks, 22, student/teller
“If I could miss one day of work, I would spend my time drinking only the finest of regional wines while poring over a Danielle Steel novel!” — Matt Ladner, 25, student/ice cream scooper





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