Eugene Weekly : Theater : 2.1.07

Opening Nights

Opens Friday, Feb. 2 at LCC’s Blue Door Theater. You know the plot. You know the whole jealousy thing. You know the ol’ trick of handkerchief secreted by evil villain in the perfect place to make hero into tragic figure of murderous rage. Now see how LCC’s student-run production takes the classic and deals with the Bard’s bad lovers. Show dates are Feb. 2-4, 8-11, & 15-17. Call 463-5202 for tix.

Opens Wednesday, Feb. 7 at the UO’s Arena Theatre. Clifford Odets, famed for the rousing Waiting for Lefty and Awake and Sing!, takes the intricacies and betrayal of Hollywood to task in 1949’s The Big Knife. Does absolute (star) power corrupt? Absolutely, Odets and the UO show us, just in time for that fakest of star parades, the Oscars. Show dates are Feb. 7-10 and 15-17. Call 346-4363 for tix.




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