Eugene Weekly : Theater : 5.29.08

Opening Nights

The Memory of Water  Opens at the Very Little Theater Friday, May 30.

Funerals do bring out the best in siblings, don’t they? English playwright Shelagh Stephenson explores the tragicomedy inherent in the forced reunion of three sisters during the two days leading up to their mother’s funeral. Won a big Brit award for Best New Comedy in 1996, so apparently there’s a lot of laughter and Important Realizations about Life. Good to see a play in town that features women — and what the heck, throw in some forgiveness and life affirmation, and you have a potential blockbuster on your hands. Show dates are May 30 & 31, June 1, 6-8, 12-15 & 19-21. Tix at 344-7751.



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