Eugene Weekly : Theater : 5.3.07

Opening Nights


Opens Friday, May 4 at LCC’s Blue Door Theatre.

The Hotel Baltimore is so damn dilapidated that the burnt-out “e” in Hotel hasn’t even been replaced, and that should tell you something: It’s about to go down. But how do long-time residents of the decaying building deal with their impending eviction? And it’s not like these residents are angels. Lanford Wilson’s play should be a stretch and a celebration of LCC’s resurgent theater program, thanks to the hard work of volunteers at the Student Productions Association. Show dates are May 4-6, 10-13 and 17-19. Tix available at 463-5761.



Opens Thursday, May 10 at OSU.

Ah, Neil Simon. How much we love you: Brighton Beach Memoirs. Barefoot in the Park. And more comedies than we can shake a stick at. (Not that we shake sticks at anything.) Anyway, this here Rumors is a farce: When upper-class couples get together for a dinner party, the hostess is missing! The host has been shot! But most importantly, the servants aren’t there! Show dates are May 10-12 & 17-19. Call 737-2853 for tix.



Opens Thursday, May 10 at the Corvallis Community Theatre.

High immigration rates, labor unions fighting to gain respect, sweatshops teeming in large cities, millionaires controlling government … um, wait, this is a historical play, right? Yeah. The brilliant E.L. Doctorow book became an acclaimed musical by Terrence McNally and Stephen Flaherty, and the CCT will make it worth your while to head over to our ag cousin to the west. Show dates are May 10-13, 16-20 & 23-27. Call 738-7469 for tix.