Eugene Weekly : Theater : 7.24.08

Opening Nights

The Jungle Book 

Opens Tuesday, July 29, at the Mad Duckling Theatre in Amazon Park.

Following on the heels of the successful Cinderella, or, It’s Okay to Be Different, Mad Duckling trods a more well-worn path. Or not. From the press release: “This play offers a suggestion of how best to interact with nature and animals and also follows Mowgli as he confronts his greatest fear in the form of a clever tiger.” Oh, is that what “Bare Necessities” was about? Take the kids ages 4-7 or so and enjoy the interactive UO production at Amazon Park. Shows, all of which begin at 11 am, are July 29-31 and Aug. 1-2 & 5-9. Call 346-4192 for tix or get ‘em at the, er, door.