Eugene Weekly : Theatre : 4.7.11


Wicked Work
By Anna Grace

Good Witch, Bad Witch, awesome music, strong, positive female relationships and a Tony or two? Yes, Wicked is a show with a lot of expectations.

To figure out how those expectations are met, I dialed up cast member David Nathan Perlow (playing Fiyero in the production of Wicked thats rolling into Eugene next week) to dish the dirt on performing with a touring company.

“Wicked treats their cast so well,” were nearly the first words out of his mouth. With at least three weeks in each city and only eight shows a week, Perlow says, “Touring with Wicked is as easy as touring can be.”

While I was glad to know the actors werent suffering, my main concern was: Is the show going to be good? Touring companies often have the reputation of B-grade actors mucking it out in the sticks, biding their time before getting back to Broadway.

“There is a creative team that is responsible for upholding the original choreography and direction. The Wicked Corporation,” Perlow adds, without a hint of irony in his voice, “is constantly making sure every show meets the highest standards. There is no disparity in skill between the actors you see here, and those on stage in New York.”

When I asked if the show ever gets stale out on tour, Perlow compared his work to that of a professional athlete. “The show is physically demanding, but our stamina is up.” And, he noted, after their time in California the cast and crew are excited to be in the Northwest.

Perhaps the Emerald City will turn out to be home after all?

Wicked plays April 20 through May 1 at Hult Center; info and tickets at or






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