Eugene Weekly : Views : 4.19.07

Connect to Oceans
Protection of our state’s resourcesshouldn’t stop at the shoreline

One of the reasons I love serving the city of Eugene and the state of Oregon is the dedication of so many to preserving our most spectacular natural resources. We act locally to ensure these protections. Surely one of the most important is our beaches. Every year, Eugeneans flock to Strawberry Hill, Heceta Head and the Oregon Dunes to stroll, boat, fish and tidepool with their friends and families. Oregon would not be the same without these special places. The world depends on their survival. [Read More]


Repeating the Past
Or a new approach for Lane County?

In order to continue to serve the public well, Lane County government needs more money. The question is, how do we get there? After more than 10 years of serving the citizens of Lane County, it’s my opinion that enacting a flat rate income tax or placing such a tax on the May 2007 ballot is definitely not the way to get that badly needed revenue. In fact, I fear that this is a tragedy that will make it that much harder in the long run for Lane County to make the case to the citizens that more money is desperately needed.[Read More]


Living Out:
A Step Over the Line
Getting hitched in Canada

Jeez, that felt good. Nothing like a little Canadian marriage to lift a gal’s spirits. What a pleasure to walk into a downtown Vancouver (British Columbia) office, chat with the friendly notary public and walk out with an actual, legal, uncontestable marriage license. Just like that. No muss, no fuss. No Oregon Family Council screeching that you’re violating the sanctity of one-man/one-woman marriage. No anti-gay county commissioner scowling like you’re some disgusting piece of crud stuck to the bottom of his shoe. None of that. Just a nice guy doing his job and happy to pop our wad of bills bearing The Queen’s portrait into his cash drawer — and into the Canadian economy. [Read More]





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