Snow Day!

The snow is falling and so are branches and powerlines. When the snow starts to melt, expect the rivers to rise . Eugene Public Works had over 100 reports of downed trees by 10 am and thousands of Lane County residents are without power.

Meanwhile in Wisconsin, and other typically frozen states, it’s in the 80s.

Climate change anyone? Maybe with a little La Niña mixed in? The 7 inches of snow that had fallen by 10 am in Eugene makes this the biggest spring snowfall since March 5-7 1951, according to the National Weather Service.

And guess what? More snow is predicted for tonight! The good news is it’s all supposed to melt tomorrow. Then there’s that flooding I mentioned; the Siuslaw and the Mohawk may flood, and the mainstem of the Willamette will run high.

Want to know if you’re area is going to be hit by a tsunami or freak snow storm? Sign up for the Community Emergency Notification System at

Sadly I was so busy trying not to slide into a ditch on the way to EW this morning (it’s deadline day for us) I didn’t take any pictures. If you took any good snow pics, post them to our Facebook page, please!

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